Paladins is currently unplayable

Content of the article: "Paladins is currently unplayable"

I'm trying to play ranked but i quit after the third deserter. Every ranked match i crashed (every time i crashed i got a deserter) or someone else did (for 2 hours).firstly 2 minutes then 10 then 45. I only got to play 1 match which ended in a lose because we had a level 4 buck and level 5 evie. Fun fact, they literally had a fucking bot. We literally got crushed by a bot. So how the crash happened was always in a specific way. I was in a 4 olayer group while i was playing (the crash description is according to me and my friends. I dont know how other people crashed, althought its save to assume it was the same way) We start to play and someone gets kicked to the main menu without any warning. They are in the group for around a minute or two. In this 2 minutes they cant type to chat or do anything really. Then they go to the profile loading thing for 1 to 5 minutes. And then they wait for the deserter. The most frustrating thing was that i got the second deserter after the low level evie n buck match has ended. I lost my lp and got deserter. So i would like to ask a lot of things about this game. Is this game being tested? Is this game being cared about? Is this game's only purpose at this point is to milk the five people who is playing it before the game dies? I know I'm sounding like I hate this game but i really dont. This is one of my favourite if not favourite game. I wouldnt try to play the game for 2 hours if i didnt like it. But that doesnt mean this game doesnt suck. They are making more characters and shit but who cares if i cant play the game. This is not the first time this game became unplayable neither the only bug. This wouldnt be a problem if this game was new but its really not. So why are they focusing on content instead of fixing the game which can barely hold itself. So yeah its not that im gonna quit this game or anything. This is just to maybe make people aware of… whatever this game is going through

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