Pay to Win and Lose Skins

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Was feeling bored so I decided to document all of the Pay to Win and Lose skins I've encountered. I know there's more but I just can't remember them.

Bomb King – Pay to lose

  • Love Machine – Grumpy Bomb's tick down is incredibly loud moaning. I went against a Bk wearing Love Machine weapons (with max chronos and cd rd on Grumpy) and I had to wear headphones the entire 20 min match. It's horrible, but at least you can easily hear when he throws out a Grumpy.

Dredge – Pay to win?

  • Merrymaker – The weapon is much smaller than default, and the effects can be blinding if you get on top of an enemy or throw Broadside in their face, but the effects can be distracting for you as well.

Drogoz – Pay to win?

  • Abyssal Lord – The model doesn't sync with the hitbox. You can shoot at his wing or horn but not do any damage. The devs basically made the skin larger than Drogoz to emphasize that an Abyssal Lord is something to be feared and respected, and to simply look good. A bad thing about the skin is the ultimate sound. It's much louder and noticeable than his other skins.

Evie – Pay to win and lose

  • Bewitching – The weapon is smaller than default.
  • Sweetshop – The weapon is larger than default.
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Furia – Pay to lose

  • Aurora – The weapon is so loud to the point where it sounds like an actual gun.

Io – Pay to win?

  • Stellar Protector – MewMew is huge. If you know how to play Io you've learned to use Luna as a meat shield, strafing behind her as your enemy struggles to hit you. MewMew makes for a better meatshield than Luna because of her size but that can also be a bad thing if you like to keep MewMew alive. The larger and brighter something is the more likely it is to stand out.

Lex – Pay to lose

  • Bounty Hunter – The weapons are huge and louder than default. Compared to his other weapons you may notice more recoil.

Lian – Pay to lose

  • Eternal Conflict – Just about all of Lian's weapons are bugged where you can easily see and hear the weapon shots but Eternal Conflict has it the worst. They're so dang loud and the effects clog your screen.

Seris – Pay to win and lose

  • Madame – Shadow Travel is very quiet.
  • Divine – Shadow Travel fills and blurs your screen with white. Sometimes I accidentally equip this skin and it makes me want to throw. I don't want my eyes to be assaulted every time I run away from that Maeve.
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Tyra – Pay to lose

  • Gunslinger – Hunter's Mark fills your screen with flowers. Can be annoying and clustering.

Viktor – Pay to win

  • Reaver – The weapon is aligned with your crosshair and makes it easier to aim.

Vivian – Pay to lose

  • Student of Magic – Deflector Shield is harder to see through and is filled with effects.

Willo – Pay to win

  • Sugarplum – Your weapon shots fill your enemy's screen with sparkles. I was playing Jenos when a Willo got on me with the skin and I nearly had a seizure.

Ying – Pay to lose

  • Deathspeaker – The weapon is larger than default.


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