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I’m gonna try to keep this as brief as possible so you can move on with your day and give some ways I would change Vivian. All actual important information will be bolded because I know you’re a busy man or woman, I don’t discriminate, except when I do.

I’m gonna start this off by saying I don’t think Vivian is broken or overpowered, I think she’s at the most an A. However I do think she needs some fixing, and honestly I think her effectiveness is solely based on how good your flank is, as a good flank can completely shut down Vivian, except for Moji lol

Her base weapon is fine, I would increase the spread of it a little so she can’t laser you from long ranges, but that’s pretty much it, her damage and fire rate is fine. I don’t have an issue with it.

Her shield is from what I’ve seen, what most people dislike about her, even though I don’t think that’s the best thing about her but we’ll get to that later, Vivian’s shield effectively has 50% damage reduction because of scapegoat which can be very frustrating I won’t lie, but at the end of the day, the damage reduction is countered by the old run around a corner. Just wait out the shield and Vivian becomes a sitting duck.

Detector Drone is probably one of the best parts of her kit that just doesn’t get used for some reason. The drones are very good at closing up flank routes, granted putting them on flank routes denies your flankers intel, but hey it’s free intel, who cares, it’s good.

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Her ultimate is, an ultimate, it buffs her dps by around 300 if you hit the projectiles and last as long as she’s alive. While this is good at buffing what she’s already good at, sustained medium range damage, it still leaves her weaknesses exposed, which is something I like about this ultimate, since a good flank will still murder the Vivian even with their ultimate.

Her card loadout is probably what she’s hated for the most and I understand that, but I think it’s for the wrong reason.

Let’s talk about One Step Ahead because oh god someone has to, 30% speed boost is nuts, it’s basically just having Nimble 4 at the start of the round for no reason, damnit Hi Rez I thought you learned after Death and Taxes smh. That aside, I don’t think the speed itself is what’s wrong with One Step Ahead, I think it’s more that it gives her an easy out, so my change would to Change One Step Ahead’s Speed Bonus to only when she’s out of combat. This would help her role as a deployable turret if that makes sense, she’d be able to deploy quickly in an area and lock it down, but if she gets overwhelmed she can’t just run away.

Scapegoat is also a card that exists and also makes me wonder why the shield doesn’t just cover her entire front body, as much as I don’t hate this card you gotta admit it’s pretty terribly designed. “Yeah we have a character with a shield that blocks shots from a certain area” alright, fair enough I’ll just shoot her legs. But no no no with the power of Scapegoat it doesn’t matter what I think because the shield is actually on all of Vivian because why not. Rant over so basically Vivian’s Scapegoat needs a total rework, I would change it to be the following, every card level increases the size of Vivian’s Shield by 5% down her player model, whatever percent would make the shield go down to her kneecaps idk. That way if you actually hit her you will in fact, hit her, instead of the stupid 50% damage you don’t get for no reason.

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My last change would be to the talent “Trust No One” I have a huge problem with damage or health modifiers that aren’t conditional and just provide a flat out advantage for a champion, as the majority of talents have a downside, even the ones considered the best for their champion. I would keep the ability to get your shield back when it’s destroyed, and just get rid of the health on the shield, since she can already increase her shield health through her loadout, so like why is it even there

There I’m done go back to school you damn, hooligans


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