Rewriting the Lore : Cassie Legacy

Hello everyone !

This is my very first post on Reddit.

And for my first post, I would like to address the Lore of Paladins. I think it's no secret if I say Paladins Lore really suck, like Merrymaker Dredge would say : "That damn thing a mess ! ". The main problem Paladins Lore have is the fact EM make characters for the story instead of making story for the characters which lead often to repetitive scheme like :

"A event trigger B character to join C or D faction then E event occur resulting in F character to join etc etc "

This is what Paladins whole Lore fell into thus ending in one sided character when there is a ton of characters that can be worked all around and have multiples facettes to explore. Anyway, I want to make justice to some characters that deserve way more than their current biography and the first one I want to share with you is about Cassie.

I initially wrote that thread on the Steam Forums to see if it interested people to talk about the Lore but it didn't gather enough feedback from people. So I try my luck again this time on Reddit. Sorry but I will just copy paste the whole thread from the Steam Forum cause it is that long.

Take that post with a grain of salt this isn't officially canon, it's more of a Headcanon of myself to improve the general lore in general. There is a TL;DR at the end, if you don't feel motivated to read the whole thing ( I can understand, lol).

Cassie Lore :

"Watching all her friends leave the Greenwood to join the fight against the Magistrate, Cassie lamented the curse that bound her bloodline to her family's homeland. When advice from a mysterious oracle offered her an escape from her obligations, she jumped at the chance, even though she knew the sacrifice she made would haunt her.

Taking nothing but her father's enchanted crossbow and her faithful hunting bird, Zigs, she raced off to join the Resistance in their fight against the relentless Magistrate."

The first time I saw Cassie and her Lore, she immediately reminded me of Rapunzel with her attitude. An energic girl wanting to explore and discover the World. She look like a Disney princess in that aspect but let's go back to her Lore and take a look on some interesting point we can explore furthermore.

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Cassie lamented the curse that bound her bloodline to her family's homeland.

From this statement and the one before we can assume Cassie live in the surounding of the Fish Market as seen in the map but my bet would be across the little stamp of Fish Market and below the Stamp of Timber Mill. What are the proof of it ?

-Well as mentionned in Cassie title and the statement before the one I quoted, Cassie is a hunter so she hunt animals to feed her and her father but she's also have friends. So that mean she must live near a town while not too close either so animals move freely without being frightened of Human presences.

As to come back to the part I quote, Cassie cannot leave this area cause her Bloodine is cursed to stay in there that mean her and her dad. But why such an innocent girl is being held trapped in that part of the woods ? That's what I want to explore.

As far as we know, Cassie is trapped there with her dad and knowing her really enthusiast personality and little clumsyness, I can say this is the first time she explore the real word. So her blood curse might not originate from her but what about her Father ?

Paladins Realm Map

So who is Cassie father ?

For some of you, you will say his an NPC but for the oldest of us we know he is far from an NPC cause he got a name. Arturos is his name and his quite the big deal check the Alpha lore of Cassie :

" Raised in Cobalt Keep and daughter to the legendary huntmaster Arturos, Cassie snuck away from home to find adventure and freedom. Armed with her Father's crossbow and joined by her childhood companion Zigs, Cassie enters the lands of Crosswind Hold ready for any challenge. "

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So now you know, Arturos is quite famous in the Realm. Yes I know, the lore have been retcon so those informations are considered null right now. But there's a way to make it canon, at least from my POV. We can now imagine the curse originate from Arturos aka Cassie father but how and why ?

Well, as said in the Alpha lore Arturos managed to reach the title of Legendary Huntmaster. That mean Arturos fame must had be known in the entire Realm so that mean Arturos must have travelled quite a lot in his youth. So much that's probably how he met Cassie mother.
Now here's something interesting I've remembered from an old lore thing during End times aka Atlas release, I'll link it there instead of quoting it here since it's too long :

The fight of the Shattered Desert

As you can see when Imani arrive at the Paladins HQ the first thing the others Paladins notices is her notorious Hairstyle proper to the Warders. Now you telling yourself why I'm speaking about Imani right now well, it's gotta be related to Cassie Mother.
I'm pretty sure Cassie mother was a Warder and that because of Cassie Curse and her pretty long hair that remind of Imani hair.

It is possible that indeed Arturos fell in love with a Warder women and the result of that love was Cassie as for the reason of the curse I still don't know nor can't figure out maybe Cassie mother was a really powerful Warder and that power got inherited when she gave birth to Cassie. Anyway, there no mention of her mother in her Bio, so it's possible Cassie never met her mother.

" When advice from a mysterious oracle offered her an escape from her obligations, she jumped at the chance, even though she knew the sacrifice she made would haunt her. "

I think we all know who's this mysterious oracle is… it might be Seris but that raise the question

Why would Seris free Cassie if she was a common girl ? that would make no sense at all since Seris can see into the future. Cassie must have a real impact in the whole scheme of things. That theory reinforce even more the Cassie is a warder theory of mine.

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Concerning Cassie sacrifice I can think this was something she holded dear. My bet would be it was an item related to her Mother, she might have never met and she needed to give it to Seris to break the curse.

"Taking nothing but her father's enchanted crossbow and her faithful hunting bird, Zigs."

– Finally, we know Cassie can talk to Zigs which mean she can in some ways understand animals and in reverse animals understand her. So she could technically speak to a Dragon and as she can wield her father enchanted crossbow that mean she have some minor ability to control magic just like The Warders who were for the most, powerful mages !

TL;DR: Cassie might be a Warder without even knowing it and that's why Seris might have broken her curse, so she can accomplish something later on.

And that does it for the whole post !

Sorry for the redundancy of the whole thing, it might be a bit annoying to read but as you can see my grammar isn't the best as both in English and my first language aswell. Despite those numerous cons I'll hope you enjoy my thread.


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