Talents really need a huge balancing pass

Not only the balancing between talent is bad, with often one obvious choice, but often the alternatives are not very interesting or fun.

I'm going to focus on Tanks, because I think they are the worst offenders and propose some changes.

  • Ash : Battering Ram is just too good to be ignored. It should be included in the base champion, and the rest should be nerfed to compensate. The new talent should just give her CC immunity when activating shoulder bash, like when she was realised.

Slug shot should be buffed (maybe buffing ROF on top). I don't see the point of picking it, the base weapon is fine as it is, and this doesn't really make it more effective.

  • Atlas : Similarly, not picking Deja Vu is always a mistake, Setback become almost impossible to use without the splash effect. It should be included in the base kit and the rest should be nerfed to compensate. The new Talent could be a change to the gun, like turning it into a semi auto gun with more ammo but that deals way less damage.

  • Barik : Architectonics is too obvious, it's just free damage, it's never a bad choice. I would change it to make so turrets now act like flamethrowers dealing constant damage, but at the cost of greatly reduced range.

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And Tinkerin is too hard to use for little benefit, I would change it to a simple raise of the RoF to match Furia's weapon.

  • Fernando : Scorch is kind of bad. It just adds a bit of damage to an ability that doesn't deal that much DMG in the first place, and you can't use that often. Maybe add a bit of CC to the fireball or something.

Formidable is about raising your survivability, but Aegis already does that job better. Maybe the healing effect could apply to nearby teammates ?

  • Inara : Who's picking Tremors ? I would change it so you still got 2 walls, but they are WAY more fragile (like 500 HP instead of 5000), and the cooldown is GREATLY reduced, like 5 seconds instead of 15.

  • Raum : I don't even know how effective Subservience is since no one takes it, but I doubt it's very good. You need to have allies close to you, and that just doesn't happen that often with the way Raum is played, not to mention any healing ability being countered by Cauterize makes it an even less appealing choice. Maybe just remove the proximity and make it heals every ally (maybe with a reduced amount but I'm not even sure it's needed) ?

  • Ruckus : Rocket Barrage don't seems very powerful and is definitely not fun. I mean, Flux Generator is not super interesting either, but it's like a comfort choice. On top of the current effect, I would change it so the rocket is launched up in the air and fall like 1 meter behind where you're aiming, like a Javelin missile, so you can hit behind shield, walls and things.

  • Torvald : The problem is that none of these talents really modify the way you play, and 2 of them just affect the ally you're shielding. Here's how I would change them :

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Direct Current : Triple the range AND the damage applied, but doesn't apply the CC effect (which means it's not affected by Resilience anymore).

Field Study removed and replaced by Akimbo : Torvald now got a gauntlet on each hand, so he can use 2 of his any of his abilities (weapon and ult included) at once.


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