Terminus – Champion of the Week (28th March 2021)

I'll take your point and your life!

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Flair Terminus

The Fallen

Affiliation: Flair Magistrate


Whatever Terminus once was, he has since become an instrument of war fighting on behalf of the Magistrate. His mind and memories are long gone, his broken body bound by dark sorcery and unstable magic crystals. His form, stuck somewhere between life and death, may be a mere shadow of his former self, but it has also rid him of hesitation and fear. He obediently charges into battle with reckless abandon, hefting a terrifying battle axe that few mortals could lift and even fewer could hope to withstand.

Class: Flair Front Line

Health: 4000


Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Massacre Axe Area Damage Swing your axe in a large arc every 1.1s, hitting all enemies within 18 units for 650 damage.
Calamity Blast Direct Damage Fire a projectile from your hand that deals 250 damage. Fire an additional projectile on use for each Calamity Charge you have stored, up to a total of 5 with maximum Calamity Charges. Fully effective up to 300 units. 2s
Power Siphon Shield Absorb enemy ranged attacks. For every 1200 damage Absorbed by Power Siphon, you generate and store a Calamity Charge. You may store up to 4 Calamity Charges. Your Power Siphon regenerates over time. 1s
Shatterfall Mobility / Area Damage / Debuff Leap into the air and smash your axe down, dealing 500 damage and reducing the Movement Speed of enemies by 60% for 2s in a 50-unit area in front of you. 12s
Reanimate Untargettable / Self-Sustain / Area Damage Usable for up to 4s after dying. After 2.5s, Revive, dealing up to 2,600 damage in a large necromantic explosion upon Revival. Fully effective up to 55 units.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Undying Armor Reduce the damage you take by 20% while at or below 50% Health.
Crush Shatterfall Shatterfall Stuns enemies hit for 1s, but no longer Slows.
Decimation Calamity Blast Each Calamity Blast deals an additional 100 damage.
Abomination Calamity Blast Generate {2/2}% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit with Calamity Blast.
Devastation Calamity Blast Heal for {60/60} for each enemy hit by Calamity Blast.
It Follows Calamity Blast Increase your Movement Speed by {2/2}% for each Calamity Charge you have.
Strength of Stone Calamity Blast Reduce your damage taken by up to {4/4}% based on the number of Calamity Blast charges you have stored.
It Waits Power Siphon Reduce the Cooldown of Shatterfall by {0.3/0.3}s for every 1s spent channeling Power Siphon.
Necromantic Might Power Siphon Reduce the damage required to generate a Calamity Blast charge by {120/120}.
Playing God Power Siphon Heal for {3/3}% of the damage Absorbed by Power Siphon.
Powerslave Power Siphon Reduce the Movement Speed penalty during Power Siphon by {15/15}%.
Blood and Stone Shatterfall Gain {6/6}% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit by Shatterfall.
Despoiler Shatterfall Heal for {100/100} for each enemy hit with Shatterfall.
Unfeeling Shatterfall Reduce your damage taken by {8/8}% for 3s after landing with Shatterfall.
Wrecking Ball Shatterfall Increase the leap distance of Shatterfall by {10/10}%.
Forsaken Armor Generate {10/10}% of a Calamity Blast charge for each enemy hit with Massacre Axe.
Hulking Monstrosity Armor Increase your maximum Health by {150/150}.
It Watches Armor Generate {3/3}% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit with Massacre Axe.
We Can Rebuild Him Armor Receive {5/5}% increased Healing while at or below 50% Health.

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Join us next week when we talk about Flair Tiberius!


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