The current commendations system is really bad, and here’s why

The season lasts roughly 365 days (one year), and the commendations frame requires you to get 500 commendations, which means that not only you are required to play every single day, but also for 2/3rds of the year, you need to get at least two commendations, while the remaining 1/3rd can be just a single commendation per day.

This makes commendations significantly more grindy, even more than the current battle pass is. Not only that – you rely on the willingness of your teammates to commend you, so it's not like playing a lot every day will magically net you commendations even. They are not guaranteed.

Now, lets address the fundamental design flaw in all of this. Each player is limited to 8 commendations per day. This means that you can play two really good matches and commend all your teammates, and that's it. This means that an average player is going to be cautious with giving their commendations away, usually waiting for an above-average match to happen before doing so. This leads to a vicious cycle of "sitting on" the commendations and not giving any, eventually pretty much forgetting they are even a thing until a really good match happens, and often not giving away all commendations they can before they reset.

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Something needs to change, unless the commendations frame is really intended for try-hards that are going to play 6+ matches every single day, and not casual players that like to take a day or two off, because the matchmaking has given them potato teammates yet again.

A good step forward would be to increase the per-day commendations limit. 12, 16, 20 or more, it would allow to actually commend people, without worrying about saving those for "really good matches" only. I fear that even this wouldn't encourage giving the commendations away more often, thus removing the limit completely is also an option, albeit a bold one.

Finally, one can also lower the amount of commendations needed. 500 is quite high. 300 would require one commendation per day, and if you get two, you can take a day off without worrying about missing out on the frame. 400 could be a good middle-ground if it'd really be needed.

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