The Support Role and Need to Vent

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I’m not sure what to label this, but basically, I just needed to vent about something that happened a couple of games ago. This could also be seen as a collection of tips about what not to do as a healer.

So, I played as a Maeve (quick play, Siege). My friend was playing a damage champion. I was the only flank on our team, and we had two damages. We had a Khan (IIRC) and a Mal’Damba. Well, the enemy team had a Terminus, two healers, a damage, and a flank. Okay, no big deal. Long story short, we start getting absolutely hammered. Very little, if any, damage is being done to the backline. I try everything—chipping away from a distance, getting in their faces, and even trying to lead them by the nose so that one would separate from the others. It didn’t work. If they did break off, it’d always be in groups of two. They were smart, and they played well. The issue was that neither my friend nor the other damage could kill the Terminus. They constantly focused fire on him, leaving me dealing with four people by myself. Every single time. They’d either have full or nearly-full health.

As you can probably imagine, I was getting irritated by the halfway mark, so I just started spamming “GG” in the chat. Yeah, annoying, but I felt like no one else was doing literally anything. But the real problem was actually the Mal’Damba. If I’d gotten even semi-consistent healing, I could’ve done a lot more. But he healed me once, and that was on accident. Yes, you read that correctly. He accidentally healed me when I got CC’d, and he happened to throw down a gourd.

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In the end, he basically said that I sucked as a flank, which… uh, dude, I’m level 99 with Evie (no levels bought), level 30-something with Maeve, level 30 with Androxus, etc. I’ve been playing the game for like three years. I know how to flank, and I know that I’m not supposed to be soloing four people. I’m also supposed to be getting healed at least semi-regularly. I wasn’t even that far away from him. If you’re not skilled enough with the healer that you’re playing to at least somewhat consistently heal your flank, then you shouldn’t be playing that healer. Sorry, not sorry. 🤷

But I wouldn’t have even bothered making a post about this if two things hadn’t happened. 1) My friend told me that he also didn’t heal him, and 2) he bragged about having… eh, decent healing at the end of the game. Here’s the deal: stats don’t matter if you lose. You can essentially pocket a tank all day and get massive healing (not that he had that anyway), but if your other teammates are all dead, then you’re basically just stat boosting yourself to cover up your otherwise bad performance. In my case and my friend’s, we got no healing—at least, not intentional healing. And we only got unintentional healing once. That’s essentially two people that you’re letting die preventable deaths because… that’s a good idea? I don’t get it.

tl;dr If you’re a support, you shouldn’t just pocket a tank to pad your stats, because your stats don’t matter if you lose, and all your teammates are dead.

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