Tiberius – Champion of the Week (4th April 2021)

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Flair Tiberius

The Weapons Master

Affiliation: Flair Neutral


His is a tale of charm and daring — heroic feats backed by deadly prowess. A traveler of the Realm looking for worthy foes to test his mettle, sharpening his skills and weapons alike. Adored by the people, feared in battle — Tiberius, The Weapons-Master, knows no equal! Born of the Tigron, Tiberius is the pinnacle of their values. A dashing legend — bold, brash, and relentless — anointed by an ancient blade, destined for battles that are nothing short of legendary. With Chakrams, forged by the weapon-smiths of his ancestors; and a sword, forged from the heavens themselves — an ancient artifact capable of banishing unspeakable evils from this world — he is ready for any threat! Tiberius is exhilarated by the opportunity to match blades with a worthy foe. Snarling, he charges headlong into the fray, unleashing an unrelenting storm of steel, claw, and fang. En garde!

Class: Flair Damage

Health: 2200

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Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
Bladed Chakrams Direct Damage Sling Bladed Chakrams from your hand every 0.7s, each bouncing off floors and walls and dealing 650 damage to any enemy hit. The Chakrams can bounce up to 2 times before disappearing. Enemies hit by a Chakram after it bounces take 500 damage instead of 650.
Heavy Blade Area Damage Throw your Heavy Blade in a straight line, Piercing through Shields and enemies. Deals 850 damage and reduces the Movement Speed of enemies hit by 50% for 3s.Heavy Blade lodges itself into any environment it collides with and can be reactivated to recall the blade, passing through everything in the world. Heavy Blade deals 500 damage to enemies as it passes through after recall. 12s
Combat Trance Buff Channel your energy, increasing your Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 30% for 4s. 15s
Crouching Tigron Mobility Crouch down, then launch yourself forward through the air. 14s
Blade Dance Area Damage / CC Immunity / Damage Immunity Flourish your Heavy Blade and gain the ability to use Striking Tigron and Whirling Blades up to 5 times for 15s.Striking Tigron: Instantly dash forward in any direction, passing through all enemies and dealing 650 damage to any enemy hit.Whirling Blades: Launch yourself upwards, whirling your blade around you and becoming Immune to damage. On landing, deal 900 damage to all enemies within 30 units.
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Talents and Cards:

Name Ability Description Cooldown
Predatory Instincts Weapon Bladed Chakrams are able to bounce 2 additional times before disappearing.
Tigron's Fury Heavy Blade Heavy Blade now explodes on reactivation instead of recalling, but the initial throw does reduced damage.
Vicious Assault Crouching Tigron Crouching Tigron now deals 900 damage in a 20-unit-radius area on landing.
Crowd-Pleaser Combat Trance Generate {1/1} Ammo after activating Combat Trance.
Honed Senses Combat Trance Generate {0.6/0.6}% Ultimate charge every 1s while Combat Trance is active.
Primal Haste Combat Trance Gain a {60/60}-Health Shield for 4s after activating Combat Trance.
Test of Strength Combat Trance Heal for {50/50} every 1s while Combat Trance is active.
Alley-Cat Crouching Tigron Reduce the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron by {0.6/0.6}s.
Pouncing Tigron Crouching Tigron Increase the jump strength of Crouching Tigron by {8/8}%.
Rising Stardom Crouching Tigron Gain a {75/75}-Health Shield for 3s after activating Crouching Tigron.
World-traveler Crouching Tigron Reset the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron after falling to or below {15/15}% Health. 15s
Imbued with Purpose Heavy Blade Reduce the Cooldown of Heavy Blade by {0.6/0.6}s.
Instrument of Fate Heavy Blade Reduce the Cooldown of Combat Trance by {0.4/0.4}s for each enemy hit by Heavy Blade.
Making the Cut Heavy Blade Heal for {40/40} for each enemy hit by Heavy Blade.
The Champion Heavy Blade Reduce the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron by {0.4/0.4}s for each enemy hit by Heavy Blade.
Beast-Slayer Armor Gain a {50/50}-Health Shield for 3s after falling to or below 50% Health. 30s
Charisma Armor Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}.
Bragging Rights Weapon Hitting enemies with Bladed Chakrams Heals you for {15/15}.
Flying Chakrams Weapon Increase your maximum Ammo by {1/1}.

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Join us next week when we talk about Flair Torvald!


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