Vora, a severely underpowered mess

So, I just got up on the PTS and played as Vora a bunch, and I have come to the conclusion that she is just flat out-terrible. First off, I am aware that PTS is subject to change, but I would just like to point out the problems with Vora. The ones that need to be fixed before she goes live.

Ever since I first played her, I knew that Vora was garbage, but her playstyle seemed familiar to me, but I couldn't put a finger on why. And then I realized why. I main Grover, and trying to 1v1 someone as Vora is like trying to 1v1 someone as Grover. It just isn't possible. Obviously, Grover isn't supposed to be able to 1v1 enemies in the first place, but it still highlights just how terrible Vora is in her intended role. The attack speed is too slow to be able to keep up with the enemy's damage.

And then it hit me. Like a brick. Grover does a legitimately better job at being a flanker than Vora does. His axe obviously isn't meant to be good in a 1v1, but it's more consistent than Vora and can scale at longer distances, allowing some synergy with Vine to get into the air and deal more damage, synergy that Vora lacks with her own abilities. His main source of mobility has a low enough cooldown to be able to escape if you can stall the fight long enough even without cards to reduce its cooldown. And unlike Vora's sustain, Grover's sustain is instant-cast, and doesn't require him to hit an enemy. Then of course there's the fact that his cripple/root doesn't require him to get any stacks before using, so he can use it whenever it's up. You know there's something wrong with your flank character when their ability to be a flanker is outclassed by a mostly healing-based support champion.

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So let's go over the problems with Vora.

First off, why is a flank champion's only good source of mobility on a 14 second cooldown? The whole point of a flank character is to be able to hunt someone down in the backlines and then get back out, and Vora simply can't do that. Even if she does manage to get into the backlines, even if she kills her target, then there is no chance she will get back out with such a massive cooldown unless she has the talent that gives her 2 charges. Her Dark Siphon cooldown is fine, but every other cooldown is just awful on a character whose main purpose is to hunt down enemies.

Both of her damaging abilities require her to have full stacks in order to be effective, but the problem is that Vora's weapon is so incredibly slow that you won't even be able to build enough stacks before you're shot down by the enemy that you're supposed to be hunting. Even some of the weakest targets like Jenos are able to keep up with Vora's pitiful damage.

Beyond her base kit, her cards are just bad. Tendril, which has a 14 second cooldown has a card that reduces it by a maximum of 3 seconds, so no matter what, your sole source of mobility as a flank champion is always at least on a 11 second cooldown unless you buy Chronos. Grover's Vine has a cooldown of 8 seconds. And more than that, he has a card that resets its cooldown on low health, and a card that lowers its cooldown by up to 5 seconds upon hitting an enemy with Crippling Throw. If that doesn't highlight how bad Tendril is, I don't know what does.

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In my experience playing as Vora, I found that it is outright impossible to play her as a flank. So what you instead have to do is play her as a damage champion since the only good thing about her is the range of her projectiles. I would rant about the insane weapon range of a flank character, but that insane range is the only thing that makes her even remotely playable.

In conclusion, in all my experience playing Paladins even since the early beta periods, I have never seen a worse character upon introduction. Not even Inara was this bad on release and that says a lot. Please buff Vora before the patch goes live, or she will be the most useless character in Paladins history when she goes live.


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