Vora’s Mobility is Garbage and Needs a Buff

Vora is the newest champ coming to Paladins, and by god is her mobility TRASH for a flank. Note that I say it is bad for a flank. It would be fine if she was a damage, but she most certainly isn't with the way the rest of her kit is designed. Most flanks in the game have constant ready access to their mobility skills through low cooldowns, talents, or cards. (Evie's Blink is naturally short, Maeve has Rogue's Gambit, Andro can hit reversals to instantly refresh his dash, and Talus' Rune of Travel isn't pure mobility, not applying to rules the rest of mobility skills offer)

The Cooldown:
Her mobility skill is basically Grover's Vine Whip ability, but with a cooldown six seconds longer and EVEN WORSE cooldown cards for it comparatively.
She can reduce three seconds off of the base cooldown of Tendril with a maxed card and then, if she manages to land a Dark Siphon, reduce the cooldown by another three seconds with another maxed out card. This leaves her at eight seconds cooldown time for Tendril, which is as long as Grover's default cooldown for the same ability, and considering that Vora is a flank, mobility should be even more important to her.

The Buffs:
The cards she has to customize Tendril can give her damage resistance up to 25% after one usage of the ability for three seconds. Buck has a card that can give him up to 25% damage resistance after one Leap for four seconds. I feel as though this comparison is fair to make because Buck's Leaps, and Vora's Tendril go about the same distance in general, though Vora's does sometimes go slightly farther in one use.
(Just to further the comparison, both Buck and Vora can "combo" people for more damage as well. Buck can Bounce House onto someone and shoot them prior to and post bouncing them for a chunk of damage, and Vora can Tendril over, Dark Siphon, then Obliterate for a chunk of damage too. The difference is that Vora has longer cooldowns and multiple abilities to go through, but Buck only needs one ability and can get a 75% cooldown on said ability if he kills the person he just combo'd into oblivion. Buck also has a cooldown card that can cut his 10 second Leap cooldown down to 5 seconds base.)
Now, Vora can give herself a second Tendril charge with one of her legendaries, which is fine as long as you don't mind trading off extra damage or CC that her other legendaries provide. This allows you to get up to 50% dr for three seconds if you use both Tendrils to land on someone. However, just using both Tendrils itself takes time to do, so you aren't going to get a full 50% dr for a full three seconds in reality. Plus, because the cooldowns on both Tendril's will take a full 28 -> 22 seconds to recharge (with cards), you're going to be going a LONG time without full access to your mobility by going through both instantly.

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The Change:

A complaint without a solution is merely wasted breathe. I have three proposed changes I would like to see. The first change is to reduce the cooldown of Tendril to eight seconds to keep it inline with the power of Vine Whip. The second change is to give Vora better cooldown cards for her Tendril, such as but not limited to "75% cooldown on elim/killing blow" or "10 seconds cooldown on hitting Obliterate." The third change is to give her two Tendril charges by default and rework Relentless Presence into "Refresh 1 or 2 charges of Tendril on elim." The fourth change would be to make Tendril no longer a pure mobility talent.

The possible changes for this category are quite varied… they could even involve reworking her second talent into something new as well. However, I would like to keep Vora as unchanged as possible because game balance is difficult. Therefore, the main change I would want to see for this option is to have Tendril deal 300 damage upon hitting a target, and consume all of her weapon charges to apply a .6 second stun. I think the stun is balanced because by the time you arrive at your target you will only be able to hit them once.

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Vora feels fun up until after killing a target. Reengaging and disengaging out of combat with her just takes too long and makes her feel too slow at times, which is opposed to what you want a flank to feel like. No other flank really feels that way to me at least. I think the game would overall be more fun for Vora players, not to mention mobility is the most skill testing part of Paladins. In my opinion, more mobility is almost always welcomed. I'm overwhelmingly please with a lot of the new balance changes and skins coming out, and mostly feel like the devs have done a fantastic job with the soon to be Paladins' update. I just have a slight concern I suppose.


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