What is wrong with this game?

Content of the article: "What is wrong with this game?"

This is a rant. Don't like it, keep scrolling

Seriously what is wrong with this game? It feels like every new patch or battlepass there's just 5 new bugs and glitches that pop up after Hi-Rez 'fixes' the previous ones like some sorta Hydra.

The balancing has gotten better, but there's still problems. They nerfed BK Because he was OP, but all they did was reduce the damage by a whopping 50 damage while slam dunking Khan from A tier into C tier by not only over nerfing Vortex Grip, but reducing the price of Resilience. They nerfed Luna, but surprise surprise, Io is still an insta pick/ban Because of the ability to 5 man zone. They buffed Lex, but now the Retribution talent is useless because of the lack of damage and the ludicrous amounts of screen shake. Koga despite being a ninja still has footsteps that are louder than a stampede.

The maps are 50/50, there are maps I enjoy like Stone Keep and Jaguar Falls, but then there's maps that make me groan when I see them such as Shattered Desert and Frog Isle BUT THEN there's maps that deserve to get curb stomped into the core of the Earth like Fish Market and Timber Mill.

The VGS system is only used for spamming "You rock, cancel that" and don't lie to me, you know you always have a game a day where all you hear is that and "Capture the objective, capture the objective, capture the objective", but then the moment you say "Enemies on the right flank" or "Enemies behind us" nobody cares or listens.

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The Battlepass Is just…why? Don't get me wrong I like the Battlepass, but they keep increasing the tiers without reducing experience required or more challenges, removing then re-adding diamond chests, and speaking of the Battlepass why are some characters getting nothing?

What happened to limited time events, Obsidian/Cosmic skins, and mastery emotes? LTE were fun like the Shattered Desert one and the undead curse one where Dredge was announced. Mastery Emotes showed that you were dedicated to that character and you liked them enough to spend your hard earned gold on.

This was just a rant to air out my frustrations upon this otherwise enjoyable (at times) game that is fun…when it wants to be. Upvote it, downvote it, comment idc


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