What your main says about you(my way, and for some champs I have no idea what to do)

Content of the article: "What your main says about you(my way, and for some champs I have no idea what to do)"

Androxus: You're an edgelord or a metatard, or back then you tried to prove why Androxus could still work.

Ash: *no idea

Atlas: You watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Barik: You're a memer.

Bomb King: *no idea

Buck: you like jumping and your favorite series is probably Avatar the last airbender.

Cassie: Your favorite animals are probably birds.

Corvus: *no idea

Dredge: you usual playstyle is spamming in most games you play(specially in fighting games), if not you're probably fan of pirate movies.

Drogoz: Your favorite anime is probably One Punch Man.

Evie: You hate the word easy, plain and simple and hate doing something in the easy way.

Fernando: You still miss the old Flanknando days.

Furia: You don't like to stay on a corner to heal and want to do some damage instead of only healing.

Grohk: You're a memer and probably main him because he looks like Shrek and probably use his recolor to bigger resemblance.

Grover: *no idea

Imani: Your favorite anime character is probably Todoroki Shoto from MHA/BNHA.

Inara: You still think that Trump wall memes are funny these days.

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Io: You have a thing for anime foxgirls and you probably watch a lot of anime.

Jenos: Let's be honest, at some point you attempted to do the Kamehameha when you were younger.

Khan: You're a loud person and like to express yourself in a loud way or you still miss Firing Line.

Kinessa: *no idea

Koga: You're a weeb, and probably you main him because he reminds you of Kakashi from Naruto.

Lex: Your aim sucks.

Lian: refers to Lex mains but gets more rewarded than Lex and are much better in experience than most Lex mains.

Maeve: You have a thing for catgirls and you're probably a lolicon too.

Makoa: You still think that the "you challenge Makoa" memes are funny.

Mal'Damba: Your favourite animals are snakes.

Moji: Daf*q is wrong with you?(specially for the ones that know that Moji and Infernal Seris share the same voice actress).

Pip: You hate healing or you're loud in this subreddit.

Raum: You're probably a Doom fan.

Ruckus: You hate playing tanks, plain and simple and only pick Ruckus beacuse you got forced to pick tank.

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Seris: The only support you've probably played as is Seris and the other supports barely played as.

Sha Lin: *no idea

Skye: If you're on bronze you think that Skye is op when in reality she gets easily countered.

Strix: You probably play Call of Duty next to Paladins

Talus: *no idea

Terminus: You probably main Terminus because he reminds you of Star Platinum or the Pillar men from Jojo's.

Tiberius: Your favorite cornflakes are Frosted Flakes.

Torvald: You want Torvald skins

Tyra: You've probably watched Rambo.

Viktor: You probably play Call of Duty too much and if you don't play CoD then you probably like running.

Vivian: You have no skill or you want to do everything in the easiest and lowest effort way possible

Vora: You're probably fan of edgy female villains

Willo: you want the world to burn.

Ying: You dislike Life Exchange and constantly try to prove why Resonance works and why Life Exchange sucks in the subreddit.

Zhin: You still think that fidget spinners and the "1000 degree knife" are funny.

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