Why Androxus feels both damn strong and weak at once? Also idea how to make him less oppressive on low level(Where he’s OP) without changing him much on high level(Where he’s fine[?]).

I had trouble against him so I tried him once again in years to learn his weakness yet I learned nothing but that why he feels so overtuned yet few people notice why exactly he is.

I just had been doing really really well. His DPS, initial and final burst are so insane bang bang bang punch is enough to reduce everyone I need to atoms before they can escape, like Corvus. I have never thought before that his teleport might be too slow for anything but Evie's ult. All I had to do was to find my way on foot if possible, engage, win or quickly run away thanks to nether step I kept if I fail to take someone out.

I've been wondering why it's way easier to play him than long ago and realized it's thanks to his extra ammo card removing his only "weakness" what would be missing few shots and having to reload.

He's already overtuned because his every aspect strong, double burst due to punch and high damage per shot weapon, one of the best mobility abilities with ridiculous passive, powerful ultimate most damage dealers could dream of and a "no u". Usually nerf worthy champs are overtuned for single reason instead of mix of all abilities being great, I guess that's why I don't see people talk much exactly why he's too strong.

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The way he counters some champions is just gross. I hate drogoz but even I felt sorry when I saw that Drogoz can't do shit, neither Terminus. Oh you had your Reanimate? 1800-2400 damage + instant gunshot after is coming back at you immediately. They did Term's ult's damage dirty only because Andro exists and now it still sucks if there's Andro present but also sucks more than in the past if there isn't any Andro but that's subject for another time.

The reason why he feels weak sometimes might be that his cooldowns are long and players get greedy and after killing one player immediately head for another blinded by overconfidence in how strong his gun and punch are. Sometimes you don't have cooldown to escape or they just run you down what's normal for most champions but it's the power gap you feel there from absolute stomper to dead body is what gives the false feel of sudden weakness.

The idea for first change

I'm filthy solo plat player but I watch pros play fairly often and I'm going places like r/PaladinsAcademy where it seems Androxus is seen as no big trouble so I were think what would make Andro less crazy on lower levels yet not change him much in high level. There is easy solution based on how high level and low level Andro playstyles look like. Troublesome low level Andro like to fire most of the time while gliding, low level projectile users struggle to hit him like that and hitscan ones just lose to them on the ground. High level ones quickly do flickshots immediately after each netherstep. So the solution would be that if Andro fires the glide would break untill he nethersteps again or he touches the ground once more. This way high level netherflicks would barely be affected because good high level Andro is spending barely any time between shots without dashing once again and lower levels would have to put relatively more effort into fights.

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Before you say andro requires skill because he needs good aim ask yourself who doesn't need good aim.


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