Why I slowly begun quitting Paladins.

Content of the article: "Why I slowly begun quitting Paladins."

I thought of this as a feedback post to the developers of the game, maybe they read this and take some of the things I say into count, and hopefully it can be helpful for further improvements. Comment anything, opinions, things I did not mention or anything that made you less interested in the game. I am open to any criticism directed towards this post and things I have said in it.

First of all I want to mention that my English is not the best, grammar and spelling errors may occur.

Okay I am gonna start this with saying, sometimes it is not even the developers fault people get mad or tired of the game. Lack of gamestyle variation may be a huge factor, also your playstyle may have been something to take into consideration.

I have noticed the developers are very aware of the community whilst some consider them completely ignoring the players complaining about game issues. In a perfect game there are a very tiny amount of noticeable bugs and issues. But most games out on the market is far from perfect and it is a difficult task to keep everyone satisfied.

I am gonna make a list of the things that made me personally, less interested in the game.

  1. No upcoming maps and maps removed:
    I first started this game a long time ago, or to be exact 2018. Back then there was a lot of maps, I would recognize if I just saw them again. I remember a map in the payload genre, with a temple and a jungle-ish look. I haven't seen it for long. Maybe it was removed for various reasons, but does anyone know why? I loved it and they removed it.There has been a decent amount of maps out and available for the different game modes but I never see any new maps coming out, probably because they try to make this game into a sport, like CSGO-championships. And for that they really need to have the most perfect maps available, if they have major issues with any map then they simply can not have it for that reason (my theory).
  2. Toxic players in the community:
    Every time I have been away for a while and come back just to try having some fun, I always make sure to notify them I have been gone for a while, so they do not rely on me too much. Instead if we loose I get all the blame for "making us lose". Followed by comments like "Uninstall the game", "Go back to minecraft", "You suck", "We failed, all because you did not pick ?_champion_?" and similar comments. Sometimes you just get a toxic group of friends who all turn against you because of course they are friends, who is the outsider here you think? Whose fault can it be? Of course the solo, not anyone in the friends group.
  3. Unstable comunication with community about game-changes:
    I have seen several forms asking the players for stuff. I have never personally seen one where they ask about game-changes, I must say the most unique players and the most accurate answers lay within the game. Mostly upset or opinion-biased, reddit users often tend to get into group pressure, whereas the other posts and complaining posts is the pressure, it is literally danger to say something the majority does not agree with so you go with the majority, I really think the answers or opinions would be way more mixed in a game-survey.
  4. Blue Smurfs:
    When you're new to the game and first get in, there are a ton of smurfs. Of course it creates an unfair advantage. It does not really improve for the smurfs either, they only get used to lower leveled players, when they go back to their main they can't keep up with the force against them. If they have lack of motivation they might just give up and feel like they got rusty and quit the game instead.
  5. In-game shop:
    I have bought two products from the in-game store that I never got to my account, but I successfully paid for it. I contacted the support, and got my crystals. The second one I bought was never ever to be seen again (these two products was bought separated with a time span of one year between each purchase).This is a must, if this does not work properly 100% what makes you think the players are gonna trust the payment system up to 100%?
  6. Connectivity issues/lag ping:I am not talking about your connection or the servers connection to you, I am talking about these server related issues regarding the anit-jump lag, anti-movement lag and constant ranging delays. It seems to me the servers are unstable for some reason, and the Europe region is the only region I have heard being the affected. As a Maeve main I have big jumps and a lot of mobility, It deeply scarred me when I knew… I can't rely on Maeve because the servers would have a 40% of making me glued to the ground.This is kind of what caused me to leave the game.
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I am sure I have not covered up everything, I see that as impossible. Every big game has trillions of valid complaints, just some of them are worthy of pointing out according to me.

Did I miss anything? Make a comment about a current issue you are dealing with!Did I say anything incorrect? Correct me down below.What do you like/dislike about the game? Maybe put a comment about it 🙂

I will try to be active and respond as much as I can!


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