Why is Zhin so strong?

Content of the article: "Why is Zhin so strong?"

Zhin has pretty much 0 champions that counter him. His kit allows him to easily single out a single champion and chase them down with little to no punishment no matter how far he has to go. Billow and Whirl allow him to penetrate past all forces attempting to stop him. If a tank tries to stay back with their backline to defend them from the zhin. All the zhin has to do is while through the tank and is able to easily melt down the support before the tank can deal any significant amount of damage to force him to back off. With other flanks, they have to figure out some way to surprise attack or wait for the tank to leave the support undefended before they strike. Many supports of some sort of get away ability to evade most flanks and create distance, however when against zhin, his attacks are so large that as long as you aren't outside of his attack range he can land a hit nearly 100% of the team with no drop off damage. He can also close the gap very easily.If zhin gets stunned, he will almost always survive the encounter because of the billow. It wipes all of the cauterize and is long enough that any support can get him back to full health in almost no time at all. And even if he isn't healed, he has a card which can heal him after landing a successful counter. Now you might be thinking "Well counter doesn't remove cauterize from zhin." And you would be correct, however, zhin most often activates counter if being shot at while in billow. This means there is no cauterize yet applied to him before activating counter, allowing him to heal to the fullest of that card.

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I mainly play support or tank, and whenever I spot a flank heading my way and start shooting at them, they are forced to retreat, however if I spot a zhin and start shooting, he keeps moving forward, countering, swinging his sword, whirling through me, forcing my to try to turn around fast enough to shoot him or get away, only to get my final bit of health crossed out by his flaming oil. While it isn't the supports job to attack flanks, that should have the means to stand a chance against pretty much any flank. However I know of no support that can successfully fend off a Zhin no matter how early they spot him.

I know a lot of a people complain about andro, but I find that he is still easier to kill than zhin by a long shot.

What do you think makes zhin such a strong flank


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