Why Yagorath Sucks Now And How She Can Be Improved

Hello all, my name is Stockings and I'm here today to explain as to why Yagorath is a terrible champion to pick at the moment. As some of you may know, I made a guide on Yagorath on March 21st after reaching level 50 on her. Yagorath has quickly made her way to become one of my favorite champions in Paladins, and it is very unfortunate that she is heavily disliked by the community and feels nearly unplayable after the Indomitable patch went live on Wednesday. I'll be going over her nerfs that she received, as well as explain WHY she is very bad to play at the moment from my own in-game experiences. I will also provide suggestions as to how to improve Yagorath.

NOTE: I do understand that Yagorath needed to be hit with some nerfs, as in some situations you can just easily lose to her and I've been on that end of the spectrum as well. However, from my experience, she doesn't feel nearly as effective as she once did and I will explain why. Everything that is being said is coming from a player that sticks to casuals.

Many Nerfs

Yagorath received MANY nerfs to her base kit/a talent, including:

  • HP: 6500 -> 6000
  • Caustic Spray: Initial damage on hit from 42 -> 36
  • Corrosive Acid (Caustic Spray Talent): Initial damage on hit from 48 -> 42
  • Armored Carapace (Passive): Base damage reduction from 40% -> 35%
  • Devour: Ultimate charge refund on break from 50% -> 35%
  • Devour: Ultimate health pool from 4000 -> 3500

This is a total of SIX nerfs that she got the short end of the stick of. Her HP and ultimate refund nerfs aren't stated in the Indomitable patch notes, but EvilMojoAdanas said on his Twitter that Yagorath will be receiving those extra nerfs too.


Starting with her damage nerfs, you can absolutely feel them. Spraying down any damage/flank feels so pitiful, especially if its the early game and their support is healing them AND if you didn't go Corrosive Acid as your talent. Even trying to kill other supports feel terrible, since you can only spray while in Planted and you can't move, so they can easily run away. Personally… I don't mind this damage nerf too much as her Piercing Quills helps supplement that lost damage by making her targets receive more damage. I think this nerf can stay and think it is a good stepping stone to make Yagorath fall more 'in-line' with other tanks.

HP/Damage Reduction

These nerfs are my biggest issue. There is one thing everyone needs to understand about Yagorath, and that is that she is HUUUUUUGE. Her entire way of being tanky is by having her massive HP pool, along with her in-built damage reduction. However, ANY form of focus fire from as simple as TWO damages/flanks is EASILY enough to eliminate her. Once you degrade the thing that makes a tank 'tanky,' their effectiveness as a tank is expected to be hindered. Furthermore, in this patch we have Octavia as our newest damage and she is everywhere at the moment. She absolutely CRUSHES Yagorath without any effort required. I even did the math.

Octavia has 12 bullets by default, each doing 375 damage to Yagorath while scoped in (not including headshots), which equals to 4,500 HP that Yagorath lost in ONE clip without even considering any headshots/extra ammo from Octavia's cards. If Octavia lands all headshots on Yagorath (which isn't that hard at all), she will kill Yagorath single-handedly in one clip. Now, this can either mean that Octavia's damage is overtuned or that Yagorath sucks. Honestly, I interpret is as both.

Even rounds without any 'hard counters,' such as Tyra, Skye, Cassie, etc., Yagorath doesn't seem to last long at all. I can have a Lian with the Precision talent melt me by herself. I can have an Androxus or Drogoz melt me by themselves while they're flying around me. Even Moji, out of all champions, can easily destroy me. It's very frustrating to play this champion when so many things can destroy her now. She doesn't have a shield like Fernando, Makoa, or Atlas or a wall like Inara. Everytime I show up, I spray some acid, use Hardening, then die before I can escape with Acceleration OR die while escaping.

I would like to suggest that the HP and DR nerfs for Yagorath be reverted, or atleast ONE of those nerfs to be reverted. If not, then I would like her to have her 35% DR while in Travel Form. She is not nearly as tanky as she once was and cannot effectively disengage fights like other tanks due to her not having a shield/being unable to move around while Planted. And once she goes into Travel Form, all her DR is lost.


I'm okay with one change, but displeased with another. Her ultimate charge refund is alright, considering that she can always charge it back up pretty efficiently, even after her damage nerf. Her separate HP nerf, on the other hand, is a BIG no-no. With less HP and less DR, it's nearly impossible to get off a reliable Devour on any target. Literally the only way to reliably eat someone is if they're by themselves. Like I said, any form of focus fire from 2 or more people is easily enough to destroy Yagorath, which will happen since you're huge and loud while you just want to enjoy your meal. It sucks even more to have your ultimate HP pool destroyed since that long 2 second animation plays and you can't even be healed while that's playing, so most of the time you're just sitting there, in agony, watching your health plummet down after everyone laughs at you for dropping your target.

I would like to suggest that her ultimate HP pool nerf be reverted. If not, then I would like for Yagorath to be able to be healed during the animation that plays after dropping her target if her HP pool is depleted. Her ultimate charge refund was a good nerf and should stay, in my opinion.

Matchmaking/Bad Teammates

Listen, I don't want to toot my horn or appear to have this 'big ego', but I know how to play Yagorath quite effectively. I have gotten many games where I've gotten most kills, damage, least deaths, etc., and I know that the numbers on the scoreboard don't mean everything. I don't 'point bot' with her and instead treat her as an off-tank. Anyone that has played Yagorath knows that staying on the objective as her = death in most cases. However, I am confident to say that I am a very good Yagorath player, but these nerfs, in combination with bad teammates, makes Yagorath FEEL terrible.

Most of the time in casuals, you'll be running with 1 tank/3 DPS/1 support. Yagorath falls into the category of tank, cool. Now, when your other teammates simply can't pull through, Yagorath becomes unplayable. Most of the time, it's not your support to blame, but rather your damage. Even in scenarios where I have Jenos or Grover, I can play Yagorath effectively because I'm getting aided by good damage that is properly taking care of the threats. In cases where I don't have good damage, but greats heals, everything falls apart because my good healer can easily get flanked while I'm trying to do the DPS's job. Or, the amount of heals I'm receiving just isn't enough to withstand the amount of damage I'd be receiving. The only way to withstand all the damage is by having a Furia pocket, which I haven't gotten in forever because the support player just didn't want to play Furia. Clearly, Yagorath seems unkillable with Solar Blessing shining down on her, but feels paper-thin without one.

Yagorath is a HEAVILY team-based champion, and I made that point thoroughly when I created my guide for her. Regardless of what support you have, it's mostly up to your DPS players to kill or atleast distract the targets that will be most threatening to you, the Yagorath player. Unfortunately, this is quite hard to come by in casuals. Most of the time, you'll 1. Have your whole team wiped out and the enemies pick you off last or 2. The enemies just have so much damage that you'll get deleted in no-time.


Once again, I know that most of the community and playerbase doesn't like Yagorath, but I do, and would like my voice as an avid Yagorath player to be heard. She isn't as strong as everyone makes her out to be, and at the current moment, she feels miserable to play. There are many champions that can make quick work of her and is super easy to take care of with simple focus fire. I would like if the suggestions I made to be considered, and maybe by next PTS cycle the team can experiment with them to improve her. The many nerfs she received didn't make her 'fall in-line' with other tanks, but just flat-out made her BELOW many of the tanks. Thank you.

-Stockings, The Devourer


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