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#1 lab racing run 03.03.21 – ffoD


My name is ffoD and I'm a lab racer. I have been racing lab for about 3 years now and for the longest time I have shied away from sharing content that can and will reveal secrets / builds etc.

As lab racing has become more popular as of lately, and builds have been way more standardized from people sharing builds I don't have the same issue about sharing runs anymore.

However, I'm not making this video to brag about my lab racing. I'm making this video because a streamer "Path of Matth" has been vocal on his stream, questioning the legality of the runs of myself and those of Teh_Hammer(Which people are much more familiar with)

The skepticism is totally warranted and I understand how people have a hard time understanding how we achieve the times we're getting.

Hammer's run a few days ago

In case people missed it; Hammer shared a very good run a few days ago:

As his rival I can vouch for both the legality and the skill of that run. He posted this sort of in the dark and I'm gonna take the opportunity to share it. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

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My #1 run yesterday:

As for myself I've also decided to share my rank #1 run from yesterday and hopefully that brings an end to any speculation people might have had.

Notes about the run:

As for my run it was in a rather rng heavy lab and I just couldn't get the rng for the perfect layout within the offerings I did. Whenever I had a good first section(8 seconds faster) it got ruined by desync(150ping)or a bad last section so I had to settle with this run where I also forgot to activate my dmg flask and my divergent berserk so I failed insta killing Izaro. More offerings would eventually net me a time around 1.53. I think this is significant to mention so people understand what's actually possible and that has nothing to do with running better, but getting the best layout.

I will also take this opportunity to focus on how bad it is for the competition that the loading time is part of it. Yes I have a loading advantage over most people right now, but I still have to brute force my runs by playing on Texas with 150 ping, which isn't enjoyable.

On Amsterdam where I have good ping I'm up to 10 seconds behind Teh_Hammer due to how the gateways affects your loading time as the main server is located in Dallas.

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