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[10ex Reward] Refine this Flameblast memebuild dream.


    1. Must use Flameblast for clear, I am okay with a 2nd 6L for ST.
    1. Must use Flameblast on-hit rather than ignite proliferation for clear, cast rate is super beneficial here, 10.0 cast rate is probably the minimum. Aberrath's Hooves or Berek's Respite are allowed but only as supplementary clear.
    1. Must shatter packs while clearing consistently, this requires a minimum of unflasked, unbuffed 59% Crit, in addition to a source of added cold damage or an alternative source of freeze/shatter (Herald of Ice, Three Dragons/Icefang Orbit/Expedition's End are some ideas).
    1. Must have an average hit of 400,000 minimum, further damage can be ignite based if you wish.

Everything else is up to you. I'll include this (Elementalist) barebones PoB as a sort of skeleton you can build upon if you wish ( it has about 1.5m DPS (1.1m hit + 2x 200k ignites). Defenses are very much lacking however.


  • 1st Place: 10ex

  • 2nd Place: 4ex

  • 3rd Place: 2ex

Entries will close 4 days from now, Friday February 26th at 11:59pm EST and trade for reward will be arranged through reddit message system. I will judge builds based on the following:


  • DPS (can include ignite damage, if using a second skill for single target I will consider that as well)

  • eHP (vs physical and spell damage, both flasked and unflasked, i will take into consideration flask charges gained/less charges used here).

  • Cast Rate (since we are clearing non-ignite, this is actually very important metric for QoL and survivability.)

  • AoE (same as above, concentrated effect is an insane gem for Flameblast but feels very bad for non-ignite clear)

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While I do believe that Elementalist is best for this idea, some ideas I had today while considering this idea: Inquisitor with max fanatic stacks from leap slam, gets 75% more cast speed, 75% increased AoE and essentially free critical strikes if you can scale strength/int enough, but the damage seemed lacking. Necromancer can theoretically get very high cast rates if you can consume like 20 corpses a second, Trickster gets alot of free cast speed and survivability as well, but again the damage seemed lacking since we aren't all-in on ignite. Perfect Agony, or Replica Atziri's Acuities are something to look into maybe.

Best of luck, I will be updating this post with any further clarifications and the eventual winners.


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