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27767 Ward – the project noone asked for

Towards the end of leagues we spend our leftover currency and currency accumulated from the community on projects to minmax for a single stat in the game, and this league we of course stacked the newest defence mechanic, to get the highest possible Ward in hideout

There are only very few ways to scale ward. The only sources of flat base ward are gloves, boots, helmet and flask. By default the only way to increase ward are direct increases to ward like a flask suffix or global defence increases. The Biggest modifier however comes from the unique helmet Faithguard, which makes increases and reductions to ES apply to ward. This time we only used one support character, the good old strength stacker using Mask of the Tribunal (6% global defence per 100 str).


Ward character with final gear:

Strength character with final gear:

Planned PoB for Ward character:

Planned PoB for Strength character:

The PoB calculation for ward seems a bit off, the final gear PoBs were both pulled from live profiles, and I know we were missing an anoint when making the recording, and the flask medium cluster should've been 4-passive, oh well. The planned PoB has all kinds of edited gear in it I was experimenting with.

Most gear pieces we used don't exist on the market, so we crafted them ourselves over several days. A lot of essences, fossils, alterations, annuls, exalts 🙈, vaal orbs, locus corruptions, stupid beasts, and mirrors were involved.

Theoretical max:

7831 Strength

32379 Ward

These PoBs include gear that are practically impossible to craft, like using 2-implicit synth gear and vaaling a 3rd implicit on top, while also having perfectly rolled affixes, or 8 more perfectly rolled cluster jewels that take a day and roughly 300-500 ex to craft.

The team:

Empyrian – Ward character

Bazukatank – generating power charges

Márkusz (me) – Strength character

Twitch chat – funding the project

Discord community – crafting jewel bases

Most of the trading and crafting was done by Empy and Bazuka, and I theorycrafted the whole project, and organised crafting of gear.

Thanks for everyone who participated in the project or helped us out!

Video summary showing all gear, some crafting, and a minotaur encounter:

GGG already announced nerfing this build because of the overwhelming advantages. This was the last time we could use the strength stacker because they are changing the helmet next league to give block instead of defences.

The whole project was done in Expedition league (3.15 game version), no legacy gear used.

Previous minmax projects by us:

10903% Cast speed

786 Million Armour

142469 ES

We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could, we didn’t stop to think if we should.


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