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[3.11] Harvest League Info Megathread

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Latest Info (updated daily)

Official announcements list


Any dates other than patch notes are possible to change/shuffling

US day

  • Sunday – Challenge rewards.
  • Monday – Balance Manifesto.
  • Tuesday – Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Data.
  • Wednesday – 20/20 Gems (New and changed).
  • Thursday – Torrent/Launch information.

New League Breakdown

League Mechanic

Find seeds in your travels and bring them to the Sacred Grove. The seeds can be planted, and after a few seed cycles (clicking on a seed cache somewhere) the seeds will bloom. It is then you can Harvest them. This will cause numerous monsters to spawn, what and how many will depend on what you’ve planted. After you defeat these mobs you can use a Collector to collect the lifeforce of the spent plants and use it to craft gear. You can also store lifeforce for later use (such as using it to speed up your next plot of seeds with a Dispersor) in a Condensor.

  • Entering the Grove from a map will mean any monsters summoned in the grove will inherit the map's modifiers, similar to incursion rooms.

  • Seeds will be tradeable and will drop in stacks

  • Plants in your grove will grow when you click a seed cache, and once grown will not wither

  • Seeds will have their own storage! Similar to Azurite or Sulphite in Delve. They are still tradeable from this point as well.

  • Seeds will have multiple tiers. Tier 1 seeds will have a chance to drop Tier 2 seeds and so on.

League Devices (Seeds) shown so far
League Crafts shown so far


New Skill Gems (8 Active, 2 Support)
  • Fist of War Support (

    ) – Every few seconds you get an extra bit of slam for your slam

  • Penance Brand (

    – Spreads once attached and nukes anyone ‘tethered’ when disconnected

  • Arcanist Brand (

    ) – It’s like a spell totem, but a brand. Also can cycle through multiple spells.

  • Seismic Cry (

    ) – Knocks Back enemies and makes them easier to stun. Adds 'exertion' to next few attacks.

  • Wintertide Brand – cold damage over time to attached enemy, building up. Plops an AoE of Cold DoT when dropped/recalled.

  • Swiftbrand Support – Decrease active/inactive duration for tons of activation frequency.

  • Urgent Orders Support – Makes supported warcries faster to use but increases cooldowns

  • Ancestral Cry – You know how everyone wanted the one ancestral spirit on strike skills? Well here it is! Also it gives a buff to your melee range and armor.

  • General's Cry – Active skill but links to other skills (like Bane). Summons Warriors from nearby corpses that use the linked attack once.

  • Earthshatter – Sends out five fissures that create a spike on the end. Spikes can detonated with a warcry or Slam from you or an ally.

Reworked Skill Gems (? Active, ? Support)
  • Tectonic Slam – Consumes Endurance charge every 3rd attack, bonuses per Endurance Charge

  • Rallying Cry – No longer regens mana, now gives a damage bonus based on your -weapons damage- (similar wording to Spellslinger). Adds 'exertion' to next few attacks.

  • Infernal Cry – Replacing Abyssal Cry | Covers affected enemies in Ash, affected enemies also explode in fire damage. Also triggers the Combust skill when hitting an enemy. Combust uses the supports linked to Infernal Cry.

  • Intimidating Cry – Previously only available via a unique | Intimidates nearby enemies and exerts your next few attacks to deal double damage. Also gives a buff to ignore a small portion of enemy physical damage reduction.

  • Enduring Cry – Pretty much does the same stuff but the healing is noticeably buffed, as well as also giving ele res and physical damage reduction for the duration.

  • Perforate – Now gets added phys per level as well as an additional projectile at all levels. Grants two additional projectiles if you've changed a stance recently. Blood stance tweaked to not screw over AoE investment.

  • Sunder – Noticeably wider but slower. Concurrent uses overwrite the previous Sunder (similar to Wave of Conviction)

  • Warcry effect will factor in enemy 'strength' number so the effect will still be noticeable on individual bosses

  • Large AoE melee skills will be categorized as 'slams'. Similar to 'Strike' classification.

  • Warcries will no longer share a cooldown innately.


New Uniques (6/12)
Reworked Uniques (17/72)

The rest can be found here in detail. Note that a number of the 72 mentioned simply have numbers changes.

New Div Cards (8/?)

Passive Tree Changes

  • We'll be seeing Soul Tether's overleech effect as a Timeless Jewel Keystone. The unique will be effectively unchanged.


  • Delirium will be going core – It will be a random encounter starting in Act 6, similar to Abyss. With an increasing chance to occur per encounter type in the instance.
  • Brand Changes in Harvest
  • We'll be able to remove Remove-Only Tabs (Visually)
  • Spreadsheet comparison for 2H base type DPS

Media Coverage


PC Invasion

  • Path of Exile: Harvest – New uniques, skills, passives, overhauls, and Delirium’s content










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