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3.13 Avatar of Fire Vulconus PF to BF/BB Inquisitor. Clear the endgame on a 3ex budget, destroy it with 10ex + Write up on fanaticism

TL;DR Fanaticism requires you to attack too often if you use selfcast, bladeblast damage is insane but can feel a bit clunky without high cast speed

Puryfing Flame POB:

Bladefall Bladeblast POB (Be sure to switch from default to budget items, budget item uses 5L because of shroud of the lightless so be sure to change to 5L Bladeblast as well):

After trying the new elementalist with fireball and ignite i wanted to try the new battlemage and fanaticism inquisitor nodes and decided to theorycraft a selfcast Purifying flame using vulconus. This is a pretty solid build if you have 1-2ex and want to start a new character to kill the new bosses/invitations, can be done as a starter as well. Skip the following section for a write up on the gear

Puryfing flame, fanaticism, shield charge and why it doesn't work as good as it should

When i saw the new fanaticism node i wanted to do a selfcast build using shield charge and decided to test it with purifying flame because of the high base damage and consecrated ground bonuses from inquisitor nodes.

Fanaticism is as good as it reads when it's active, 75% MORE cast speed, 75% inc AOE and 75% reduced mana cost means you can have 10 Casts per second without having mana issues and clearing packs insanely fast. The problem is generating fanatic charges is way too annoying, the way it works is like this:

  • You do an attack, lets say Shield charge, that starts a counter, after a second passes you get a charge.
  • 4 charges activates fanaticism for 4 seconds
  • You CAN generate charges while you have fanaticism active, which means that you COULD have fanaticism up 100% of the time
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Now the problems with all of these things are:

  • You have to keep an eye on the buff bar because there isn't a good visual indicator that you have fanaticism active
  • Doing a shield charge a few milsecs before you get a charge means a wasted shield charge, it may not sound like a big issue but it feels pretty bad while mapping when you have fanaticism downtime
  • Keeping up fanaticism 100% of the time against bosses and attacking between charges is not a possibility most of the time

Even when you feel like you have the timing on the charges, you have to deal damage which means casting, stopping and charging again to keep up fanaticism. Against bosses you could charge around and when fanaticism triggers, attack the boss for 4 seconds, if you have insanely high dps this could be enough to kill any boss, but that would require insane amount of money as well, The thing is every second you stop to cast without charging, is a second that you will be without fanaticism and casting without fanaticism means running out of mana after 1 cast and slower cast speed.

In the end i decided to abandon PF and Fanaticism and decided to switch to Augury of Penitence with BFBB.


Weapon: Vulconus This is the core of the build, Vulconus with battlemage is just crazy, any physical spell will have a lot of base damage that you can scale with increased damage sources and high cast speed.

Vulconus itself will give us 70-100% increased physical damage against ignited enemies, 160-200% increased crit chance and 50% phys damage conversion while using avatar of fire. You may opt to use 2 vulconus but the damage is not worth the loss of tankyness and crit multi that light of lunaris gives us. Remember that if you have avatar of fire there is no way for you to apply bleed so you can ignore the increased fire damage while bleeding when buying a Vulconus.

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Glorious Vanity (Doryani) The new Pious Path is just insane with this jewel. The amount of EHP you get + regen from life makes the build go from squishy to being able to make a lot of mistakes against the endgame bosses without dying

Shield: Light of Lunaris Light of lunaris paired with glancing blows and block nodes on the tree will give us 75% crit multi and 25% if you have done a non crit recently (we have 80-96% crit chance with controlled destruction so its not reliable)

Amulet: Xoph's Blood Xoph's blood is still king for me when doing fire conversion avatar of fire builds, lots of passives saved, Fire Pen, increased %str and %life means more ES as well because of Glorious Vanity, Covering enemies in ash is not something that will always happen but against endgame bosses they will most likely attack you while you are attacking. You could get a rare amulet with +2 to gems, crit multi, all that but it would be way too expensive when xoph's blood does the work for a fraction of the cost.

Body Armour: Shroud of the Lightless (budget) / Rare redeemer influenced with frenzy on hit (Craftable): Shroud of the lightless gives us big damage without the need to get a 6L plus increased Life, energy shield, and an abyss socket.

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Rare influenced should have frenzy charge on hit, which gives us +10-11% average hit on POB and increased cast speed which helps a lot to reduce the clunkyness of Bladefall with unleash.

Helmet: Rare helmet with -#% fire resist to nearby enemies: Easy to craft with some life and resists, not mandatory, but gives a nice increase in damage

Jewellery: Budget version uses flammability on hit ring and a rare stat + defenses ring. To apply an additional curse we use Windscream. After you get tailwind boots, you can switch to mark of the shaper + elder ring which isnt expensive at all, and gives us more damage than using flammability ring. Belt: rare belt with stats and resistances

Boots: Windscream (budget) / Rare with tailwind: Windscream gives us additional curse, but tailwind boots are way better for MS and increased cast speed.


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