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3.13 Build Concept: Tanky WoC Ignite Elementalist (wall of text warning)

Content of the article: "3.13 Build Concept: Tanky WoC Ignite Elementalist (wall of text warning)"

Just a writeup and tree from Poe Planner. I've never tried Wave of Conviction as a main skill, googled it and found only one build, and not ignite based. I initially thought of a multi hit approach with unleash, but since the wave disappears as soon as you cast again, it's technically possible but at extreme close range, dangerous and not a good idea in the multi boss clusterfuck we have coming hehe.

So, WoC has 220% effectiveness and a very high base damage, slow cast speed and exposure on hit, the main thing that sparked the interaction with the new Elementalist. Easy double exposure from reworked Mastermind of Discord, while Heart of Destruction will give increased aoe (fantastic for the wave to cover more ground and travel further) and 30% more damage on bosses, an extra dynamic link basically. Around 3K ele shield from Primal Aegis, and the Shaper of Flames node so all types of damage can ignite. What I'm trying to do here to take advantage is -you probably guessed it- get as much extra phys as elemental/chaos as I can, while keeping fire damage the highest so I get 25% more ignite damage from the same node. WoC has 100% conversion with both Divine Wrath and Divine Fury from the tree, staying at 50% fire and 50% lightning, and then we add herald of ash, added fire damage (these combined more than make the majority of the damage to be always fire), hatred, and taste of hate and atziri's promise flasks for some extra cold and chaos. Late endgame I can get a couple sources of phys as extra X dmg from gear. There's even a staff block node on the tree that gives 5% chance to gain unholy might (30% phys as chaos) on block, but seems kind of a waste, maybe I could get it too.

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So double exposure, EE plus storm brand – combustion and maybe later an elemental weakness on hit ring for a ton of lowered resistances. Basically apply EO and EE with brand, press flasks and hit Wave of Conviction for the huge ignite applied by all the elements at once. Ignite prolif or the prolif cluster jewel gives nice pack clear spreading the ignites, arcane surge, vaal RF on bosses and the typical spellcaster buffs of course included.

Now defensively I went all in on the marauder tree to build it as tanky as I could, plus most of the fire DoT nodes, glancing blows and stun immunity through Unwavering Stance are there. Life, Soul of Steel, Call to Arms keystone for instant Enduring Cry, 2 end charges for the 5 needed to max Immortal Call duration, while also generating charges from Inexorable cluster (25% chance when hit) and leap slam – ecoms. Yes lol, a witch leap slamming around with a staff to get fortify… it's gonna be slow frog time, but I can get flame dash too. Did the math and with Kaom's Heart I get around 7K life at lv 90, max attack block and around 35% spell block -although glancing blows, yep- but with every other source of phys mitigation I think it won't be too bad. Add a basalt flask if needed.

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Lastly, only uniques would be Kaoms and The Searing Touch, replacing it late endgame with a rare crafted one if I can. Ideally a "Malevolence/Hatred reserves no mana" Aul amulet would be very very good for the extra aura, but expensive AF. So to start mapping just tabula, Searing Touch (usually pretty cheap) and rare trash gear will carry me through maps if the damage is enough. Aegis shield and decent all res/max res from tree passives go a long way too.

Would love to hear your thoughts, I don't really know any WoC based build and never tried one before.


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