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3.13 build suggestions for casual players

Content of the article: "3.13 build suggestions for casual players"

Hi all – I've been a fairly casual PoE player since Legion. Have played on and off over several leagues; I've gotten to end game content, but not really accomplished much (i.e., no real end-game boss kills). I think Heist was about the furthest I've gone, at least spawning Sirus and getting a good number of watch stones.

Honestly, for me the overwhelming amount of content in the game as well as complex mechanics make it tough to feel like I'm making progress… but it is also SO good, so I keep coming back, especially at League starts. The amount of variety is great, but it is just hard to get to all of it when only playing 5-10 hours a week. This also makes build selection critical and tough – if I make a wrong choice, I spend too much time leveling, or end game content gets frustrating fast. So, basically, I want the most OP build that is fun, easy to level, start maps, generally tanky, easy-to-understand (in terms of mechanics and gameplay), and cheap (I have played SSF before, but won't this league).

A few other considerations…

  • I want to play something new (to me, which is a lot) – I've played a cyclone build (Slayer, I think), Necromancer, Creeping Frost Occultist, Impale Ground Slam Champion, Molten Strike Jugg, Carrion Golem Occultist (which I would play again), and ED/C.
  • In general, I know very little about mechanics and, unfortunately, have to keep it that way. I just don't have the time (or energy) to dive into this very interesting and complex realm. I kind of just want to click at things and have them drop loot.
  • Because of this, and my past build experience, I probably have a slight preference for Melee … however, I feel like there are some real "core" PoE builds I should try – something bow-based, mines/traps?
  • The build needs to handle all content – maps (clear), bosses (stop killing me), delve (if I get bored), etc.; and, again unfortunately, I won't have time to level more than one character.
  • I need a good build guide – leveling suggestions, clear suggestions and explanations about mechanics, gear, and, of course, a good PoB. In short, someone or something to hold my hand.
  • If I was left to my own devices, I'd probably try a Toxic Rain Trickster or Deadeye, maybe a Lacerate Gladiator, or fall back on what I played in Flashback (Carrion Golems).
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So, yes, I'm very needy, but I'd love to hear your suggestions – and I hope this is also valuable for other newer players or those in the same boat as me. Thanks in advance!


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