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[3.13] Flicker Slayer / double strike single target – vastly underwhelming

Hi there,

TLDR : Slayer Flicker – LanceNotStrong – looking for pointers : Currently 1.6M flicker, 2.2M Double strike, 5k life : dies too much, deals not enough damage. Class, skills, items changes are acceptable (anything is).

Build pastebin :

I'm a pretty new player to the game, started couple leagues ago for 3.9 and I'm finally up for my first home made build. I have incorporated a few things to solution issues like frenzy generation and spent a few currencies to craft and upgrade my gear to double 6L and so on.

However I am now facing a new issue I have been struggling with for the past few days (if not weeks) and I'm currently looking for help as I've been turning the issue around and I can't find solutions by myself.At the moment, I am dying a fair bit, and I feel my damage is vastly underwhelming for 2 6 links and a 650DPS atziri's disfavour.
Bossing feels really bad as I get oneshot a lot. Defence mechanics have always been a part that I don't do well and I'm trying to work through that.

I am looking for suggestions to enhance my build and be able to clear more content. My latest option which seems to be a failing avenue was Arn's Anguish to deal triple damage. That being supported by 8 frenzy charge and equal number of endurance charges (turned into Brutal charges), that was supposed to deal proper damage… but it seems to not do the trick.

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I'm happy to go any direction, from changing items, to changing spells (I'm not bound to flicker anymore, my brain would thank you if you pointed me another direction actually – I'm researching cyclone but results are not great), I'm happy to even change spec to gladiator or champion.

My only wish is that it feels relatively smooth and there's not a 100 ex budget involved as I'm still pretty new to the game so currency farming ain't my strongsuit.

Cheers folks !


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