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3.13 League Info Megathread

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News Schedule:

  • Jan 7 – 3.13.0 Announcement and new supporter packs – 11AM PST at + countdown
  • Jan 8 – Q&A summary and possibly an FAQ if needed.
  • Jan 9 – Challenge rewards revealed.
  • Jan 10 – All revealed.
  • Jan 11 – Heist League ends at 1pm.
  • Jan 11 – 3.13 Private Leagues become available for pre-purchase.
  • Jan 11 – All revealed.
  • Jan 11 – 3.13 Balance Manifesto.
  • Jan 12 – Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree information.
  • Jan 13 – All new and changed gems at level 20 with 20% quality.
  • Jan 14 – Launch day information and possible torrent link for pre-download.
  • Jan 15 – 3.13.0 Launch – 11AM PST
  • Jan 16 – New Mystery Box Revealed.

Havoc Blitz Preseason Races Event

Click here for more info on the community race event!

Latest Info (updated daily)

  • The Official League name is Ritual
    • The official Expansion name is Echoes of the Atlas

Official News

Meta News

New Expansion Breakdown

New Atlas Mechanics – The Maven's Challenges

New Pinnacle Boss – The Maven

Think Shaper/Sirus

11 New Maps

Atlas Passive Points

Crafted Watchstones

New League Breakdown

Skill Gems



New Uniques

New Div Cards


Harvest Integration

Heist Integration

Media Coverage


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