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3.13 Question submissions for tomorrow’s FAQ

Content of the article: "3.13 Question submissions for tomorrow’s FAQ"

Lots of submissions, add yours too

Maven's Orb questions

  • How does the Maven's Orb interact with an Awakener's Orb when the Awakener Orb is used last? Can I prepare a Crusader chest with the Uber version of the explode mod, a Hunter chest with the Uber version of the +1 curse mod, then 'merge' them with an Awakener Orb to get both Uber mods deterministically?
  • On items with two influences, does the Maven's Orb choose two influence mods at random, remove both then add an Uber version of one of them? Or does it only work if the item has two influence mods of the same type? Example, if you have a Crusader/Shaper chest with exactly three influence mods – Crusader explodymod, Crusader 'phys to lightning' and Shaper '+1 to socketed active skill gems' – can the Maven's Orb affect the Shaper mod?
  • How does the Maven's Orb interact with "Prefixes cannot be changed" when applied to a Crusader chest with the explode mod as its only prefix, prefixes can't change and a different Crusader mod as its two suffixes?
  • Do you expect the 'best' Influence mods to have the 'best' Uber versions, or do you expect some seldom-used mods (such as the Shaper mod 'socketed gems are supported by item rarity') to have popular Uber versions too?

Ritual questions

  • How will the barrier be enforced? A temporary wall, a stacking debuff like Delve darkness, a failure condition like Synthesis memory fragments, or something else?
  • How will the barrier interact with untargetted player teleports like Smoke Mine?
  • How will Rituals function in party play if some of the party are inside the arena and some outside?
  • What are the consequences for character death in a ritual encounter (softcore)? Can you 'recover' the ritual (like you can if slain fighting a Legion) or do you 'fail' it like you fail an incursion?
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Multiboss Arena Fight questions

  • Was this concept inspired by Metamorph in any way (or vice versa)?
  • How will 'break line of sight or die' mechanics like Rigwald's Wolf Barrage or Shock and Horror's lightning beam function in a sparse arena?
  • How will phased bosses such as Konley the Unrepentant function?
  • Can we stack multiple copies of the same boss in one arena?
  • How will multiboss fights such as the Vaal Temple map boss function?
  • How will the Maven interact with Twinned maps?
  • Upon defeating a boss that has a special unique drop table, such as K'aj A'alai who drops the Beauty Through Death divination card, will they drop loot from their normal table?
  • Can we instruct the Maven to witness boss fights on maps occupied by Elder Guardians
  • Can we instruct the Maven to witness fights against bosses that are not part of the Atlas, such as Pit of the Chimera?
  • Will the Toucan boss of the secret fishing map be able to be used in these encounters?
  • According to the livestream the ten boss arenas have map mods. Will these use the normal pool of map mods, the pool of Delve zone mods, or a new mod pool? Will we be able to craft them? Can we Vaal them into horrendous 8-mod monstrosities?
  • What are the consequences of failure on these fights (in softcore)? Will it be like an Incursion where one death is a complete failure of the instance, or like a Sirus fight where dying costs one portal but failing all portals is bad news?
  • Players are likely to favour locking in bosses with no powerful area control skills (more Bog bosses, less Crater/Reef bosses). Are you happy with this likely meta?
  • Will the bosses have any protection from oneshots like the Shaper's inital damage reduction?
  • Will effects like the unique wand Obliteration's chaos explosion have their full power in this arena?
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Maven Encounter questions

  • Once players 'figure out' all the mechanics, establish a map pool and learn to be efficient, how many maps roughly will it be from one Maven fight to the next?
  • On a scale where Eternal Lab is tier 1, Shaper is tier 2, Sirus AL 8 is tier 3 and Aul at depth 700 with no awful mods is tier 4, how difficult do you intend the Maven fight to be?
  • Past endgame bosses have had uber-uber rare items, such as the roughly two in a million chance for any given Watcher's Eye mod combination to drop from an Uber Elder kill, or the approx one in 200 chance to hit a specific Awakened Gem from Sirus. Will the Maven have any similar drops, or are you relying upon Maven Orb demand to keep the encounter relevant all league?

Misc questions

  • One great thing in Heist was the occasional drops of 'already delirious' maps. Will we see this elsewhere in Ritual or Echoes content?
  • Ritual bases. Do these have the incredibly strong interaction with lucky Vaal Orbs that I think they do? (Remove one implicit at random, possibly the drawback implicit, replacing it with a Vaal implicit)
  • Will the same set of unique maps that has been present on the atlas since Delve remain there, or will there be rotation (e.g. Cortex, Beachhead and Twisted Distant Memory on, Hall of the Grandmasters, Mao Kun and Doryani's Machinarium off)
  • Will the new maps add 11 to the maximum Atlas bonus?


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