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[3.14] Doryani’s Prototype + Mahuxotl’s Machination CoC Assassin

Hello all, this is my first build post so please take it easy on me. I really wanted to do something with the new shield, Maljwndanwdkawd Machination, and Doryani's Prototype. This is what I came up with after getting some inspiration from

on DP during Harvest. I was able to more than double his damage, give us super high max res, near dodge and block cap, among other things. I would love to hear feedback on this build.

Note: I understand this build is expensive and specific, so I've include a MUCH more accessible dual Mjolnir build until you're able to switch over; though the damage increase once you do is insane.

-Can run Physical Reflect as we ONLY deaal lightning damage
-Large AoE clear via Arc
-Huge amounts of elemental damage defense
-Dodge and Block-Bosses can't resist you (;
-EB takes care of our mana once we start leeching
-Hugely over-capped resistances and lots of defensive layers
-Bosses have the same resistances as everyone else–a gaping hole you'll shoot spells into.

-Lightning degen and Physical Damage
-Can't run Elemental Reflect maps, unless you're Frane Selak
-Expensive (lots of required uniques, attribute requirements, necessary resistance thresholds to hit, and accuracy)
-No regen, but you do RECHARGE life
-You need a lot of strength and it's hard to get with this build; anoint Utmost Might instead of Steel Commander for an easier time and use a %str belt instead of Immortal Flesh.
-Can only do lightning damage

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We also have 4 major defensive layers in this build:

  1. Our resistances are as follows: 89% fire (assuming you are converting Lightning to Fire via Talisman), 85% cold, -199% lightning, 86% chaos. You are beefy against everything other than physical damage with this setup.
  2. We have 64% Attack Dodge chance and 54$ Spell Dodge chance; we also have ~40% evasion at level 100. This will be the first calculation done and will save us from getting hit… most of the time
  3. But when you do get hit, fear not, we have Glancing Blows to reduce the damage of that hit by 35% flat, assuming you block, with our 69% Attack Block chance and 10% Spell Block chance, allowing us to "reroll" again after something passes our Dodge.
  4. We have shock via crits which knockback enemies and stun them. We are stun immune with flasks up, and we have high DPS (especially against normal monsters). Our Life recharges like ES when hit. This helps a lot in Trial, but ultimately doesn't do too much for us (nice when we're out of potions).

I mentioned in the above that we have -199% lightning resistance. This can be accomplished with the following ways:
-Ventor's Gamble (I assume you have two -27% rolls, but they can go up to -50% for a wopping 50% more damage multiplier)
-Immortal Flesh (-25%), you can swap this for a %strength belt with flat strength to hit that attribute requirement
-Thread of Hope (x3, -20%); we utilize Thread of Hope really well in our tree, not once, but three times. You can start with 2 by dropping the one in the Ranger side for Devotion (%node in templar side) until you get one.

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To counter the resistance issue, we're using a Talisman to convert 50% of Lightning Damage to Fire (or cold) damage. If you convert to cold, as my build tree is showing Fire, just use Purity of Ice instead of Fire. That way you have 2 options for Talismans to hit in your Syndicate runs. The other 50% is converted to Chaos via Divine Flesh.

Extra comments:
-We can get a lot more DPS by min/maxing Ventor's Gamble; up to 50% more than what I was showing, with perfect rolls
-You can sustain Righteous Fire while leeching, though I wouldn't really recommend it
-I'm in the process of building this right now and will include videos later
-You CAN use Lethal Pride with Rakiata and Tempered by War, but will take a significant DPS hit (if you don't have the Talisman, yet) so there are a lot of ways to play this build without having perfect gear.

Pastebins for Path of Building Community

Pre-Doryani's Prototype, CoC Dual Mjolnir:

Full End-Game Build:


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