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3.16 Aurabot Nerfs

I wasn't sure how bad the Aurabot nerfs would be and wanted to contextualize it for myself by looking into the math behind efficiency and what is lost in the nerf. This comparison will be done with my Aurabot from 3.14 as I didn't play 3.15 and my carry's build.

We played generic Victario Aurabot & and Raider Lightning Strike before swapping to a slightly Int stacking Trinity Power Siphon. We did our own thing and some of the build choices we made were to make our playstyle as enjoyable as possible. Everything was optimized for Canyon Harbi farming with Watchstones.

For context I think we spent ~80ex on the carry build & ~100ex on the Aurabot. We only played together the whole league and allocated profits to upgrading either build as needed.

To make calculations simpler we chose to add all the stats the Aurabot provided to the carry PoB on a ring then simulated all of the auras as if socketed into the ring. It probably isint perfect but it gave us a very close approximation of power.

Pre Nerf Build: Approximate Carry after Nerfs:


Now for the nerfs. At first I thought it was bad, like really really bad, after using Mikelat's calculator updated with the new efficiency changes It doesn't look as awful and it looks like Aurabot might survive and exist in a very limped state. Things are.. not looking very good though. Looking at changes and comparing it to how I would adjust my current character if this was a mid league change and I was still playing that Aurabot, it would look something like this:

The TLDR is, -Determination, Vitality, Zealotry, Anger, Haste, Aspect of the Spider, and an Empower on Hatred, Smite, and Wrath. Effectively, we lost 1/2 of our Auras on a build that has the same budget as before. When looking in pob this looks something like:

-50% dmg, -1k Es, -40% Movement Speed, -10k Armor, -5k Evasion Rating, -600 Es/Sec, Max Res is now 83%

This might not look bad and if it was JUST that, Aurabots would be severely nerfed in 2 man play while still being an effective support build on a decently large budget. Unfortunately, this also comes with the cluster nerf which makes us lose ~140% Aura effect. This has a massive impact on the dps but more so on the defensives, losing ~60% of eHP. I have not tried to calculate what the build would look like using the new small clusters and I'm sure it would dampen the impact a bit more potentially fitting in another aura or 2 with 3 Voices filled with Smalls but that is also going to balloon the cost of Aurabots even more just to stay relevant. My effective damage multiplier went from 6.4x dmg to 2.5x, our combined build used to do 96m dps for ~200ex now down to ~40-45m on the same budget.

Overall I don't think this is the end for Aurabot, I think they will still be viable in 3.16 and that they will still be the meta for 2 man parties. I have no interest in 6 man groups but I can tell you they will just adapt and move on, this change won't be as big of a nerf for them considering how many supports are viable in 6 man comps. For 2 and 3 man groups where Aurabot or Cursebots are the only valuable supports this will definitely suck and the prominence of Aurabots will diminish. I expect to see a lot more Cursebots as specialized 1 damage type Cursebots got buffed from the changes and might see play if anyone decides to deal with the loss of QoL for no reason -.- I think the nerfs were deserved and ~40-50m dps for ~200-300ex is fair if you were to compare making a solo build do 40-50m dps while being respectfully tanky on the same ~200-300ex budget. Aurabots and 2 man groups will be as good as single player in terms of raw power while maintaining the quant party buff. I think this is a fair tradeoff of losing power while maintaining the free MF. I wish Aurabots didn't get doubly nerfed and I think going back to a LL variant might be better than a lategame Victario variant and gain a lot of the power it lost back but we shall see what happens in 3.16 especially with rumors of active "support" gems potentially being added this patch.


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