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[3.16] Shattering Steel LL Champion starter, with day 1-2 gear and endgame gear

Updated POB after advice from u/Azkarh:

Build has great clear and dps and through the usage of layered defenses and mechanics we are also very tanky. POB has 2 sets of gear and 2 trees. Since we're LL for the flat phys and overleech we use dreadbeaks early on and then transition to Saviour + Paradoxica. Theres a lot of ways to minmax the build and it works great on a budget with most if not all gear being easy to selfcraft(except the prophecy uniques). POB only has 1 diamond flask turned on but even so its not a drastic increase in DPS. Realistically our DPS can double with proper flasks or increase our defenses a lot


Champion fortify, high hp(we lose 10% against hits due to petrified blood and our dot EHP is halved but its not an issue for our build), 78 all ele res, overleech from petrified blood, lots of life gain on hit in endgame through influenced rings/watchers eye, lots of phys damage reduction from endurance charges, champion and armour; stun immunity from champion, lots of EHP by layering defenses

  • DPS

Stacking lots of flat phys through LL, impale, 5 frenzy charges, champion, abusing any projectile cause sniper's mark is stupid strong, iron grip, champion, stacking buffs and auras without much investment needed, did I mention champion?

  • GEAR

No mandatory gear for this build aside from the call of steel jewel which isn't that rare anyway. Get life and flat phys everywhere, crit mods later on. Flasks are your choice

  1. Budget uniques: Nomad belt, dreadbeak swords, starkonjas. Easy to get even early league
  2. Budget rares: Life and res. Flat phys and crit multi/chance. Nothing mandatory
  3. Endgame uniques: Ryslatha's Coil belt is BIS for dps on every phys attack build and it has nice life as well. Saviour in main hand since it helps a lot with clear and you can't really beat it in dps although you can use another Paradoxica instead if u like consistency. Paradoxica is a given for any flat phys stacking build and it's where most of our endgame damage comes from; putting in the offhand is mandatory since we have nodes and gear that boosts offhand damage.
  4. Endgame rares: It's up to you how to manage mana on this build but a warlord body armour with -mana to attacks is very nice QOL. Base crit on chest. Max frenzy, cull and elevated impale on gloves. Tailwind on boots. -phys res on helmet.


  1. We get leech from clusters but early on you can get some from the tree or gloves.
  2. Overleech by abusing petrified blood. If we have less than half hp reserved(so 51% or more unreserved) our character will attempt to leech to full hp but since petrified blood makes it get stuck at 50% it will attempt to leech till the leech runs out.
  3. Frenzy charge generation from new mastery bottom left
  4. Maim from totem for bossing
  5. Sinistral gloves is the best glove base for damage since we have paradoxica in our offhand and saviour deals meh damage
  6. Added champion Unstoppable Hero in calcs since POB doesnt recognize it. Not sure about fortify
  7. We trigger champion Adrenaline by using a life flask to above 50% hp and leap slamming with life tap or simply losing a bit of life back to LL


We use dread banner to cap impale chance but after we get the impale gloves we can swap to war banner since it gives a bigger dps increase and more accuracy

We can fit in a 50% aura with the aura version of the tree and an enlighten 4 at the cost of 5% impale chance and some damage but we get ailment immunity and tons of all res

Feel free to ask anything or correct me


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