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3 exalts profit per map with low investment

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People kept being a bit obtuse swearing that fractured mapping was obviously better. That's the thing here, people will continually believe what they do is best and nothing compare.

But that is always a question of perspective and everything is rewarding anyway, so long as you completed your atlas and use a bit of mapping material.

So, here is the strategy. It is permanent sustain of delirious maps in Lex Ejoris area using horizon orbs to return them to this region. Now this will explain you how currency is made rather than rely on the delirious reward type. People have too much tunnel vision on what they farm to realize what they miss. So your income here is sort of aside and on top of delirious rewards.

For now, I narrowed my strategy to running t12 Dig Maps with only Atoll as favorited map with two stones removed. When you drop an Atoll with delirium reward, you horizon it back to Dig. A huge amount of your profit is actually this Atoll map. It is not impossible to make 1.5 exalts in profit per map only from Haewark Hamlet map drops. I price them all 5c and they fly off. Especially Atoll. They also drop everywhere. The other big source of income in this map are div cards. It drop Volatile Power everywhere all the time which sell 15c each. It also drop Buried Treasure which currently goes for 20c. Already there, with maps and div cards alone, you are at 2 exalts worth of loot per map.

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3 exalts is usually the average outcome of your delirious rewards drop. Now, if you run talisman reward, maybe that won't add up to an exalt or anything. But for many others it will. Of course, you need to run master missions which also generate profit on top. For now, to keep it concise, I run Jun missions to make Pure Chayula and get some extra scarabs.

All of this require very little investment. Which mean less time buying mapping material. I use all delirium nodes, all metamorph nodes. I add polished metamorph scarabs, gilded cartography, polished elder scarab and polished divination scarab. Total cost of scarabs is 7c, with 4c for carto and 1c for the rest. You spend 5c per map on Beyond. You maybe spend 1-2c to re-roll your map to be usable and have decent mods. Then maybe 2c to horizon back to Ejoris. On top, I use 3 unique watchstones… the suffix prefix and booming populace or war among the stars one. Maybe 1-2c per use there. So initial investment is around 18-20 chaos. Outcome is almost for sure 3 exalts of loot. Maps is a big key factor in the amount of profit you make. People spam Haewark maps without running them, so they need an insane amount of them. The sole reason we remove 2 stones is because you'll drop so much more maps. If you were to drop t16 Atoll, you'd only get a handful per map. With 2 stones removed, it just rain Atoll maps everywhere.

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This is often the most misunderstood thing of currency-making in this game. Maps, doesn't matter how much they drop, that's so much currency. You will drop mirrors worth of maps if you play the game. If you hid every single chaos that drop and picking only maps, you'd make more currency. If you never ran nemesis 3 currencies and focussed on looting maps, that's more currency. Of course, you must adapt to what the market demand. This time it is Atoll t12, so I just provide for this market. You could do t14, but then you'll dillute your drop rate.

If you favorite maps based on what you want to run, you're usually not doing it for profit. The key is often to favorite based on challenges, because those maps will be worth more.

Another source of income from running Dig is also related to a challenge. If you capture the boss from Dig in a vessel, that's typically 50-60 chaos. It will happen every few maps. Once again there, making currency is knowing what will sell. You can defeat the boss from a map related to a challenge, have the ability to put it in a vessel for profit and not do it because you are unaware it sell for that much.

That's the key not to have tunnel vision in your farming strat. If you are a bit dense, you think… I farm Canyon with scarab reward. I get scarabs, I sell scarabs. It's fine, it all works. This is just a different approach. I don't pretend it's the best, as there are so many things that just reward you so much with this expansion.

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EDIT: I forgot another source of income is metamorph organs. I run them a bit, but I mostly just price them 23 chaos each and they sell. Can price them 25c too, no difference. Mostly the eyes go, but the rest too. It sells a lot due to, once more, a challenge. Then there is the hidden profit of leveling gems in your alt hand with 6 sockets bow and 3 sockets quiver. This always works out to, well, a lot. It depend what you level up there. Another sort of income is the endurance div card, which isn't profit as a card to sell. But obviously if you aug and regal them, you'll make some good ones overtime. You can then finish them with Harvest if they are especially good 3 mods.


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