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A good build made me enjoy the game much more

Hi everyone,

I've been playing POE since Abyss-league and enjoy it quite a lot – but I've never been really good at it.

I'd consider myself a casual player and I'm playing mostly softcore trade league.

Usually I would not get much further than yellow maps before I lose interest.

That's mostly because around that time I start to die over and over again.

Either because my build is just too weak or because I didn't know/understand the game mechanics too well.

Due to COVID I had much more time to play this league.

With the increased playtime I learned a lot about this game.

And I enjoy it even more now 🙂

I started the league with an ED Trickster, switched to LL and made it to red maps without a problem.

Got to level 94, made a bit of currency and decided to try some other builds.

I tried melee and a miner but didn't really like that.

I had my eye on an CoC build for quite a while now, but always lacked the currency to get one going.

Not this league though (I don't like Heists but they are quite profitable).

I decided to try an Assassin LL Coc Ice Nova – and fell in love with it 🙂

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Whirling through enemies feels great and the shattering sound is just so satisfying.

For the first time I was able to do endgame content.

I did my first Sirus, Shaper, Pale council, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri and Aul all within a few days.

But much more important to me was the fact that this build finally kept me interested in the game for more than just two or three weeks.

It gave me the possibility to engage with the games mechanics and continuously learn more about them.

Reddit had a big part in this too, as the community here is just awesome!

Even total beginner questions that may have been asked multiple times over the last weeks still get answered anyway.

Thank you all for that!

I'm now at a point where I can comfortably grind T16 maps, conquerors/guardians, delve at depth 300 and I'm trying to learn more mechanics.

I still die every now and then but I don't really mind that.

It's mostly due to still not knowing some mechanics or bad play on my side or flat-lining latency (not sure what to do about that).

If anyone wants to check my build, here you go:

I'd also love to hear your thoughts on how to improve the build further.

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I have around 40 ex I can invest, but I'm not sure where to start.

I was thinking about getting a +2 aura gems corrupted prism guardian.

It took me quite a while to understand the relation between "aps" and "cdr" for Coc (at least I think I got that now, but if not let me know) and I'm working on my awakened Coc to have 14%cdr so I can use a different belt.

Once I do that, I was thinking to respec Alira for the two points.

Anyway, if you made it till here, thanks for reading 🙂

And thank you GGG for making this awesome game!

I'm really looking forward for upcoming events in December and the next league in January.

Until then, you all stay healthy and have a good one.


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