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A (sorta) Short Guide to Base Jewels and Abyss Jewels

Crafting gear is one of the most complicated yet rewarding things in PoE. This league I've been doing even more crafting than I normally do thanks to harvest crafting. While I've done lots of fossil crafting, beastcrafting, and metacrafting in past leagues; one thing I've never really taught myself is how to craft jewels. I learned to craft cluster jewels last league and it just became another reason I didn't need to learn about the existing ones. If you are anything like me, you knew there were differences in the different base jewels and abyss jewels but didn't know exactly what. Well here is a concise breakdown of what jewels do and what jewels you should be crafting and picking up for your build.

Base Jewels

Similar Mods that vary by type of base jewel:

  • ( Cobalt / Viridian / Crimson ) Jewel
  • ( Energy Shield / Evasion / Armour )
  • ( ES / Mana / Life ) gained on hit
  • Damage or Attack Speed with ( Wands / Axes, Bows, Claws, Daggers, Swords / Axes, Maces, Sceptres, Staves, Swords )
  • ( Spell Damage / Damage with Melee Weapons / Damage with Melee Weapons )
  • ( Cast Speed / Attack Speed with Melee Weapons / Attack Speed with Melee Weapons )
  • Crit Chance and Crit Multi with ( Spells / Melee Weapons / Melee Weapons )
  • Misc ( Minion / Accuracy / Life Leech ) Mods
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Mods that DO NOT appear on one type of base jewel but are found on the other two:

  • ( Cobalt / Viridian / Crimson ) Jewel
  • ( Mana Leech / Chance to block with Staves / Mine & Trap Mods )

You can essentially remember that the jewels give mods based on the attribute associated with their color. While this seems intuitive, it is nice to have it confirmed. Cobalt = Intelligence / Viridian = Dexterity / Crimson = Strength

Abyss Jewels

There are lots of mods specific to Abyss Jewels that can't be found on Cobalt/Viridian/Crimson jewels and vice versa. As opposed to listing all of them, there are a few things to note:

  • All resist and attribute mods (individual, dual, and all res/attributes) are found on both Base Jewels and Abyss Jewels
  • Most other mods are exclusively percentage based on Base Jewels and exclusively additive on Abyss Jewels. Some examples are "7% Maximum Life" on Base Jewels vs "+40 to Maximum Life" on Abyss Jewels or "15% increased Mana Regeneration Rate" on Base Jewels vs "Regenerate 3 Mana per Second" on Abyss Jewels or "8% Increased Maximum Energy Shield" on Base Jewels vs "+40 to Maximum Energy Shield" on Abyss Jewels.

The difference between individual Abyss Jewels is a little easier than the Base Jewels. With a few random mods tossed in there as exceptions, the general rule of thumb for what Abyss Jewels do and how you can remember them is this:

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Ghastly Eye Jewel – Minion Jewel (ghastly = ghosts = necro builds)

Hypnotic Eye Jewel – Spell Jewel (hypnotic = hypnosis = magic? = spells )

Murderous Eye Jewel – Melee Weapon Jewel (murderous = murder = assassinate = stab in the back = melee)

Searching Eye Jewel – Ranged Weapon Jewel (searching = looking around = seeing at a distance = ranged)

Hope this helps someone!


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