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Already existing alternative for implicit body-armor quality

I actually don't mind equipment dropping with randomized implicit defense values, but I feel like it fails to solve the problem it was meant to address. Sure I might find a weaker base type that through sheer chance has higher defenses, but knowing a different base could've been better in all ways is a little demotivating. A different solution to this problem already exists in-game.

There is an opportunity cost to using Spiked Gloves for instance. If I really wanted to maximize my armor, I would be using Titan Gauntlets instead. Sadly, the actual difference in armor values between those two items makes Spiked Gloves always the best choice for a melee build, but I digress.

The introduction of an impactful implicit on base-types with weaker defenses would create a reason to chase a different base-type. Do I want to maximize my energy shield? Vaal Regalia. Could I maybe afford having less energy shield, but increasing my spell damage? Occultist's Vestment.

Now, currently those choices are fairly clear-cut. Spiked Gloves are always better, and the small amount of spell damage really doesn't warrant losing the energy shield. But if equipment implicits were more impactful, they might start seeing use.

TL;DR: Impactful implicits on underused base-types as an opportunity cost for lower defenses.

In addition to this post (Thank you for reading by the way :D), I'd like to know what implicits the community might think is interesting enough to warrant using currently underused base types. I'll do my best to list them!

Edit: Personally I think defensive or QoL implicits would be better than damage ones, mainly to avoid a trade-off between defense and offense; rather the trade-off be defense-related only.

Energy Shield

  • Solaris Circlet –> +(10-20)% increased Light Radius (Sun-light, get it?)
  • Mind Cage –> +(8-16)% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate
  • Necromancer Circlet –> +(8-12)% to Quality of Socketed Minion Gems
  • Necromancer Circlet –> Minions have (8-12)% increased maximum Life
  • Necromancer Silks –> +(5-10)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Minion Skills
  • Occultist Vestment –> +(8-12)% to Chaos Resistance
  • Widowsilk Robe –> +(5-10)% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge


  • Ursine Pelt –> +(10-20)% chance to Taunt on Hit (Like the animal's roar)
  • Destiny/Exquisite Leather –> +(8-12)% increased chance to Suppress Spells. (???)
  • Assassin's Garb –> +(5-10)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Movement Skills


  • Gladiator Plate –> +(5-10)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Guard Skills
  • Golden Plate –> +(8-16)% increased Rarity of Items found


  • Soldier Gloves –> +(5-10)% chance to gain Fortify on Melee Hit
  • Desert Brigandine –> You are in Sand Stance by default (Normally Blood Stance)
  • Conquest Chainmail –> +(3-5)% of Damage Recouped as Mana (% MoM is bad for some non-MoM high reservation builds)


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