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Alternate quality gems should have their own prefixes (or suffixes)

Content of the article: "Alternate quality gems should have their own prefixes (or suffixes)"

If I understand correctly, right now to check which alternate quality you've got you have to move your mouse over the item and hold ALT for more information. I think this could be made much simpler and climactic if we could get prefixes in gem names for each alternate quality gem.

Reave for standard Increased Attack Speed quality bonus.
Elemental Reave for new % of Physical Damage Converted to a random element bonus.

Reckoning for standard Increased Area of Effect quality bonus.
Unwavering Reckoning of for new % change to Debilitate Enemies for 1 second on Hit.

Shock Nova for standard % increased Shock Duration on enemies quality bonus.
Thundering Shock Nova for new Ring has 40% chance to Shock, Ring Shocks as if dealing 100% more damage bonus.

Rain of Arrows for standard % increased Area of Effect quality bonus.
Endless Rain of Arrows for new % chance to fire an additional sequence of arrows bonus.

Blade Vortex for standard % increased Area of Effect quality effect.
Vampirous Blade Vortex for new % of damage leeched as life effect.
Doryani's Blade Vortex for same as above, but with some alternative approach.

Faster Projectiles Support for standard % increased Attack Speed and Cast Speed quality effect.
Returning Faster Projectiles Support for new Projectiles have % chance to return to you from final target effect.

Someone could bring up the argument that it might cause some confusion between Alternate Quality gems and the Awakened gems, and while personally I can't see it as being much of an issue, it could be just solved by creating suffixes instead of prefixes for those gems, for example:

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Blade VortexBlade Vortex of Bloodthirst
Faster Projectiles Support → Faster Projectiles Support of Homecoming

Obviously, those are just example names I came up with as I wrote them, so I'm sure there could be much more great sounding (or even lore-enchanting) names for Alternate Quality Gems.

So what do you guys think about the idea of giving each alternate quality gem its own name extension that somehow reflects the effect of alternated quality itself? Do you think it overcomplicates things? Or maybe you like the idea and think it would actually enhance the gameplay for you?


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