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An attempt to design a Flashback league as a lead-in for Path of Exile 2 Long

Content of the article: "An attempt to design a Flashback league as a lead-in for Path of Exile 2 Long"

I started brainstorming this idea a while back. What started as just a fun thought experiment, over time turned into a 20 page, 6000 word fan-made expansion concept. I tried to make it easy to read by including formatting, but it is still a lot of text.

If you don't want to read the whole thing, here are some highlights:

  • Every challenge league since Talisman makes an appearance.
  • The theme is "Choose your own adventure." The player has a lot of autonomy to dictate the type of league they wish to play. Whether that is target farming, crafting, build design, or just a walk down memory lane, the idea was to enable all of those ideas.
  • While the league lore is flexible by design, it centers around account-locked Sparks and Matter which the player can spend to augment their league experience. These rewards can be used to accelerate fragment/splinter acquisition, ignore league content you dislike, directly unlock rewards NOW, or delay rewards for greater effect later.
  • This league experiments with the idea of account-locking ways to accelerate your progress, but not account-locking the rewards themselves. The more you interact with old leagues, the more you can control their reward structure.
  • A new influence type is added, called "Charged." Thematically, it is about charging up specific aspects of items at the cost of others. In practice, it is more complicated. In fact, Charged items have different effects depending on their rarity!
  • I added a lot of my thoughts throughout, but I also tried to separate them to the bottom in a section titled "Themes and Design Goals"
  • Because Harvest introduced a lot of new stuff, it wasn't clear how to place it. You may see a few locations where I highlight balance uncertainty with a prefixed "?"
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Let me know what you think! This is my first time designing something at this scale.


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