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An in depth review of the Plummeting Ursa, and the danger they pose to us all.

Content of the article: "An in depth review of the Plummeting Ursa, and the danger they pose to us all."

Hello friends. Thank you for joining me today as we take an in depth look at the danger these seemingly harmless creatures pose to us all.

If you were not aware, the plummeting ursa can be commonly found amongst the trees in act 2 where they lie in wait to drop from what one would presume are the trees above. Hapless victims find themselves soon surrounded by these bloodthirsty drop bears. This alone is threat enough.

But that's not where it ends. This is what the Ursa's would want us to believe- but they have played their hand and I have seen through their trickery.

I have seen first hand these same creatures attack me in far off lands with not a tree in site. This begs the question- how are they accomplishing this seemingly impossible feat?

Upon closer inspection, one can see that the Ursa's are dropping straight towards the ground. This rules out catapults, along with parachuting as they would drift.

This leaves 3 possibilities.

Possibility 1: The Ursa's posess enough power in their legs to jump straight into the air, where the planet beneath them spins allowing them to relocate from act two and plummet down in a new region of the planet. This same strength allows them to withstand the impact, along with their light weight and mass to reduce the effect of gravity and assist with wind resistance.

Possibility 2: Have you ever looked up? No good sir, neither have I. Who can say what lies above? I propose to you this: An intricate spiderweb created by none other than the Ursa's. They very well could be crawling along this web from their habitat and attacking unsuspecting travellers. Who can say how far this web reaches?

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Possibility 3: Have you ever considered what happens to all of that loot that's left by careless adventurers? Ignoring the ecological impact of all of what equates to garbage left behind, consider this: How many portal scrolls are left behind? It is entirely possible that the Ursa's have learnt to use the portals in such a way that they can open them mid air above us and can strike from anywhere at any time.

As of today, I implore all of you to pick up all of the portal scrolls in the event that possibility 3 is their means of attack. They show an alarmingly high level of intellect and I believe it's only a matter of time before they make their ways into more acts, cities- even your very own hideout.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the danger of Plummeting Ursa's, I know you will all do the right thing. Stay safe.


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