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[Angry Constructive Reddit Thread] Harvest is not fun.

There's a lot to go through so I'll start with my "player profile". I've played non-stop since harvest has launched. I'm currently at A6 and am only running t14+ now. So this is coming from a more "hardcore" perspective.

  1. There are not enough seeds. I can run a few maps and still be unable to obtain enough seeds to grow a full field.
  2. T2 seeds are too uncommon. I'll usually grow a full field of t1 seeds, harvest them, and get no t2 seeds to drop.
  3. Most of the T2/T3 reward crafts don't even feel like rewards. Sure there are some crazy good ones, but most of them are trash and feel bad to get after waiting 30+ maps to grow.
  4. The good T2/T3 reward crafts are too rare.

I believe almost all of these issues would be fixed by just increasing the number of seeds that drop. A great way to do this would be by making higher tier maps drop a lot more seeds. Why doesn't it scale? Why can I run a t16 map and get 4 seeds. Make higher tier maps drop more seeds, like how higer tier maps give more sulphite. Addressing point #3/4, I think increased seed drop rate might help this but it would still be kinda rough. One way to fix point #3 would be to buff the crafts.
Sacrifice half a stack of div cards for 0-2x? -> Sacrifice half a stack of div cards for 0-3x.
Change a breachstone into a different stone -> Change a breachstone into a chayula stone.
etc. Yes, my suggest buffs are kinda crazy. But it's the league mechanic. It's supposed to be kinda crazy.

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Lets go on a small tangent and look at the new currency introduced by harvest. Engineers orbs/Offerings/Winged Scarabs. It's a challenge to use all 14 of the new scarabs. It's a challenge to use all of the new offerings and use orbs. How many of these new currencies have I obtained so far? 0. I really do think that's a problem.

Tangent over. I just want to address some issues that I've seen brought up in other places, such as "5/6L Seed crafts are too rare. Augment/Remove mods are too rare" I don't think this is as much of an issue. They are extremely powerful mods and if t1 seed droprate was buffed they would also be more common.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments.


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