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Angry Reddit Thread RE: Balance Manifesto – Not Touching On-Block Recovery Effects and Other Things Get Shafted Because of It?

Content of the article: "Angry Reddit Thread RE: Balance Manifesto – Not Touching On-Block Recovery Effects and Other Things Get Shafted Because of It?"

Preface: I want to note that some things are still subject to change in the patch notes, and I know that, but I just want to share my criticism on some of the decisions that have been shared so far (and this actually addresses the entirety of the game).

  • I don't understand the nerf to Glancing Blows. Just… why? 65% of the damage taken is huge. I'd have kept my mouth shut if it were 55%. Would still be a considerable nerf, but at least it'd feel more like a slap on the wrist instead of a slap in the face. Glancing Blows is not the culprit. It's an effective tool for builds that have low Physical mitigation or for builds want some extra defense for being in the thick of the fight. It comes with a tradeoff and not every build can/wants to use it.

  • On-Block Recovery Effects: These are the real culprits. Especially Bone Offering. I feel like those nerfs mentioned in the manifesto are backhanded slaps in the face because of stuff like this. Specifically Bone Offering. It grants Block and Life Recovery on Block on top.

What I don't understand is how this is allowed to stay (note: we don't have patch notes yet, but still), but everything else has to die for it. It at least feels that way. It already grants additional chance to block, which in itself is a mechanic you can stack to mitigate damage. And the on-block effect stacks with other sources like it, e.g. on shields or something like The Anvil.

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The 50% Offering effect change (back to old values) for Necro changes practically nothing. It will be barely noticeable on builds that abused it prior. Why? Because they already gained a multitude more (compared to the damage taken) Recovery from it, especially since % increased Recovery modifiers affect that, too.

  • How many more consecutive nerfs to defenses do we need to endure? They nerfed Fortify to Less Damage Taken due to Reduced Damage Taken stackers that built immortal builds by reaching 100%. Instead of, again, nerfing the other sources that granted additional RDT. That change specifically was uncalled for imo. Fortify and the easy obtainability of it was part of Champion's identity as an offensive-defensive Ascendancy. We never received any compensation for this nerf, which in some cases were the equivalent of ~20% more damage taken compared to before.

  • They nerfed Soul of Steel (removed the % PDR).

  • They nerfed accessability of Block a long time ago.

  • Etc., etc. (I don't want to start listing everything, cuz that'd just turn into a stupid back-and-forth argument.)

It feels like, every time we get good new defensive capabilities that make it interesting to build a tanky toon, they soon nerf it and/or other previously fine defenses for the sake of some mechanical combinations that turned out to be broken, instead of fixing those particular issues. It also doesn't help when players immediately start crying foul as soon as something is remotely good ("Are we allowed to have this? This is broken!"), simply because we are not used to being allowed to have any meaningful defenses. Everything is just seemingly "balanced around one-shots".

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With every consecutive patch it feels as if I'm better off just saying "F it" and going all-in on damage. It just doesn't feel as rewarding anymore to go super tanky. They change something "minor" that all adds up over time that you have to adjust for again and again, to the point where you have to ask yourself if it is even worth it anymore.

Like, who gives a fuck if a 500ex build can tank Sirus' storms? Isn't that kinda the point of such huge investment? Why does everyone with their 50ex build have to suffer for it? (Yes, Herald stackers are something else here, but that's a topic for another discussion.)

Every nerf to defenses means you have to sacrifice some damage to make up for it. Something you already do when you decide to make your build tankier than usual. I just don't get it. Do the devs want us to build our characters to just one-shot everything?



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