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Announcing Ceremony League || A new-player-friendly, “group self found”, casual event

Content of the article: "Announcing Ceremony League || A new-player-friendly, “group self found”, casual event"

TLDR: We're a bunch of friends who want more people to play and hang out with over poe. We also run a private league, guild, and discord server. New/Casual players are welcome. We also run contests each private league for points, everyone has a shot at winning something. Come and take a look :).

Discord Server


We started a guild to avoid burnout and play in a private league to escape from the economy-driven meta. If you're someone who would like to improve your game knowledge and want a space to ask questions or if you're a solo player looking for a group of friends, consider joining our discord server/guild. We have an active discord during each league (mic not required) and are all good friends that come together each league. We also play other games if that's your thing you're welcome to stick around.

New players and streamers are encouraged to join as well, we have dedicated mentors that can provide one-on-one counseling as well as a dedicated streamer role so you can be highlighted whenever you're live in our server.

We've also gotten approval from GGG to run contests again this league for players in our private league. We have a Creative builds contest and two raffles based on character level and challenges completed, more details in the info channel in our discord server. These contests are only semi-competitive and are designed so that the casual/new player can win something as well.

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At the end of the day, PoE is more fun with friends. Whether or not you want to come for the prizes or if you just like having a laid-back, non-toxic group of friends to hang out with, we welcome everyone.

Discord Server – you'll be prompted to read our rules when you join, details will be in there.

We also made a Trailer!


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