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Another 40/40 done, my personal league feedback

So, that's it, got my league goal again, 40/40 every league since legion.

Time to give my two cents about 3.13 and Ritual. Wall of Text incoming.

Let's start at the beginning:

As always I started with my trusted ED Trickster, because, well it works for me. Coming into the league I felt positive that the build was fine, if not even smoother to level and it was as I expected. I had the time to go hard on league start and when we finished the day 8 hours in, I had a six link that my mate found in Ritual, some ex because of a brothers stash from my first pack, in my first cemetery map of the league and some other drops I can't remember.

Ritual felt weird during leveling, you almost never had any item that was worth deferring, but getting alterations and some chaos was very much appreciated. Ritual got way cooler in maps, chasing after that stack of 10c or just getting 5-10 alts every map because I could decide I wanted them was fun. I was joking to my friends that there would be a point where Ritual would be like credit card debt, you had so much to defer, that you could no longer buy stuff. Well, that was exactly how I felt on Sunday and I moved to defer only the most important items because I realized, those 4 regrets will come back, no worries.

The early Maven integration really got me hooked, I was overjoyed to see a system that rewards running different maps. Getting passives that I planned as part of my atlas progression and seeing how they transformed content that I liked, into content that was rewarding felt great. I'm a huge fan of Betrayal and actually like running Catarina. Getting to kill 3 of her in one day on a weekend was so much fun. Getting my first Great Migration to proc the first map after putting it in and having a Desert Spring full of red beasts, a juice one indeed.

Getting through to the end game was fairly fast this time, due to some lucky drops that sped up my currency generation. But then came, what I will call, Multimod-Brickwall-Faceplant. I did not notice the change to the prophecy content and was surprised to see single keys at multiples of the price of a full set. Well, annoying my friends and taking all their silver coins as payment for access and one very expensive Plague Maw V prophecy later, I could continue on my way. Let me say there, I do like, but hate the change at the same time. Yes, this content deserves to take longer than a few rounds of Heist, but damn, 3ex for a key, I hope I can make some money with that next league too.

But as always, around two weeks into the league, I wanted a proper boss killer. Queue the list of failed builds because I did not have the patience for them. I tried my hand a face breaker cyclone but was kinda underwhelmed. I tried, Fireball Ignite Elementalist, nope, not tanky enough. Cold Conversion Carrion Golem Elementalist, nope too expensive. DD Inquisitor because I got baited by Ziz, but no, that Sirus DPS is terrible for the money I threw at it. The temporary winner was Fire Bow Elehit Raider, but in the end, the min-max I wanted to do, failed at no one selling a non-Hubris rare helmet above ilvl 85 with the right enchant, welp I did not want to deal with that. So I scrapped this build too around week 5.

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In this time, I had tried my hand at Maven with my fairly well geared ED and boy did that go wrong.

Let me get this clear, and if it is the only thing you take from this wall of text: I do not like how this fight is optimal for high DPS builds! I know my stuff about ED, I could and had killed every other boss in the game, but got my small projectiles of mass destruction handed back to me like they did not just cause Venarius and his pets to wither away like his memories. I knew fairly well what I was getting into, and to be fair, lost at least three portals to not knowing the attacks very well yet. But the first brain phase got me really angry. To understand my frustration at this point, you must know that my build uses MoM+Eldrith Battery+ Watchers ES Regen during Discipline. Do you know how frustrating it is, that the random boss can use all of its abilities and I got the Spider from Arachnid Tomb and Gravicous? I almost never could cast any ability, because the arena was full of AoE slow fields from maven and the spider; and constant meteors from the guy that had so little faith, that he just decided to serve next best necromancer that resurrected him. I don't get why maven has to be so random, this trend towards less order and more chaos in fights is something do not like for my endgame bosses. The best fight is still Uber Elder to me, why? Because once you learn the rhythm of the fight, you can beat it, even on lower DPS builds. Shaper, same thing, even Sirus to some degree, but honestly, get rid of the storm phase, I just want to kick him from his throne and get the fancy chair for myself. I do hope the Maven fight gets some changes for the next iteration, I don't want to feel pressured into making a high DPS build just because killing her as fast a possible is the best way to deal with her mechanics.

Speaking about that, after some frustration about all the failed attempts and lack of Maven capability of my ED, I decided to just copy-paste the build one of my guildmates was working on. He had been carrying me through all of the invites, because frankly, ED is not made for four breach lords hammering into you. These invites are one thing I really love about Echos, but the feared, let's be real, this really should not be there, making a mockery of our end game bosses by throwing them together should not be part of the core achievements, but a thing that is there, but is not needed for completion, just like HoGM. If you can do that fight, good for you, but let me beat up Sirus and his friends. But I'm getting sidetracked, again.

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He was following and improving on a Glad Flicker Strike build, a skill that I could never stand to watch people play because I get intense motion sickness from it. To my surprise, "controlling" (I know the flicker gods tell me what I do) what happens is actually fine. So I went in with the 60ex I had collected from the previous playtime and to my surprise, it went really well. I was really annoying about the survival, but that was soon solved by the Replica Farruls, a treat I got to buy because of the shared multi guardian runs and subsequent maven encounters my friend and I went for. A great thing for you out there by the way if you happen to have a friend. Skill Guardians Aid and run the maps, get your friend to run another map, port into one map, kill both bosses, port to the other, kill those, do the other two maps, do your maven invite, repeat. From our first Elder Guardian set, we got 11 Mavens Writ and two Maven orbs from that. Did the same some days later with Shaper Guardians for almost the same result. I was volunteered to do our 35 shapers, and let me tell you, I did not do a single one after that. Uber Elder went bad, called it off around half the sets, but still, really good profit for us both. The build guide btw , maybe avoid league starting with, my friend really struggled.

I won't be talking about Harvest, there is enough about that topic on the sub, and I do expect something to change. I pray for orbs or crafts spread out throughout the game.

Let us talk about Challenges, it was not as painful, soul-destroying, and mind-numbing as Heist, thanks for that Heist PTSD after the overturned normal heist runs btw. I can't enjoy the content anymore. This time was, let's call it fair to hard. The Ritual Base Type Challenge, was really really bad and I considered breaking my streak, but gladly that was changed. Prove your Worth, took long but was fine. Maven Conditionally, expected, but not failing the memory game and Coil Beams are only things for high DPS builds, did not like that. All these "do not get Hit by" should be removed, they only serve to foster frustration. Make me fail something to make the fight harder for me, like the 12 gravity wells. For EGG I did Grandheists, was actually ok with a good number of them and not reveling any other wings, actually made good money there, too bad I can't do normal Heists. Oshabi, well I bought my way into that. Vessels, an easy thing after you already did the Ritual Encounters V and Maven, because I had a carry at first and the DPS to kill her for the second half.

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If you actually read all of this, thanks for indulging me in my ramblings, if you just skipped down here, well at least you opened the post.

For some tradition, when I waste Reddit storage space and your time, I want to give something away. Namely this time the flicker build that got me through the last end game challenges. I'll be randomly selecting any comment on the thread 3 days after posting it. To enter, just tell me something about your league. Did you drop anything major? Got any good rewards from Ritual? Beat something difficult for the first time? Or just a random thing you want to share. I like reading about other people's good experiences because there is already enough negative going around.

I'll edit the post once I got a person selected. Sorry that I'm not giving away more again, but I promised my other stuff to my guildmates this time around. Treat spelling and grammar mistakes like easter eggs, I'm not a native speaker after all.


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