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Another Roast My Build thread

Content of the article: "Another Roast My Build thread"

Seeing as the last guy got a lot of kudos, I got a similar issue.

I'm using a combination of Arc and HoT/Doom Autobomber (with Storm Secret/Anom Arctic Armour) for clearing maps, due to no explode on kill chest/weapon (this is a future purchase when funds allow). The impending doom procs with pretty much every other HoT hit and so mobs get a blast, get cursed with Conductivity, and tend to die before I can get there. This is effective up to and including T14 and I like to call it the "poor man's explode chest" even though it's nowhere as effective. But it IS very effective with mobs. I can't take any credit, this was a theory I saw here on Reddit and I gave it a go and it's worked well from L38

I'm using 9(!) golems for the buffs and can probably drop the Ice Golem but when I do I don't seem to proc Elemental Overload as much.

Bossing is…middling with HoT as expected, but Arc itself is also not great. Using Wave Of Conviction on the weapon swap seems to be better single target but I've got issues for example Vaal Temple T16 bosses are just impossible (I do get there after 3-4 deaths), and forget about Sirius or even Uber Atziri. Aw4/AW5 conquerors seem to be OK deathless but just barely. But the HoT does the job with the freezing as described in the regular old HoT Autobomber builds so it helps heaps.

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Note this is not Sirius DPS (I'm not there yet) and without flasks popped but I do tend to spam them during high level maps especially Sorry of Divine for ES recharge.

Effect of Shock versus … well anything is confusing to me. I don't know how to calculate it properly, but I'm triggering HoT across the board including single-target bosses where I haven't recently killed, so I know I'm either triggering through a crit or just plain normal shock chance.


  1. Any changes to pathing that could help survivability and/or DPS?
  2. Any updates to jewels/clusters ?
  3. What should I be doing about shock effect? Still very confused.

I've taken a look at poe ninja leaders with each skill and they all seem to be multi-ex (as in 30+) items which is out of my range.

One option I was considering was switching around so that HoT is regular autobomber (with lightning pen/added lightning/something else) which brings DPS for that to over 1 million as well but chews up the mana reserves, then putting doom/hextouch/curse on the staff for arc for mob clearing. This seems to work as well but clear speed is nowhere near as fast.

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So Reddit, what can I do better?


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