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Any beginners need help? Poe Academy

Content of the article: "Any beginners need help? Poe Academy"

Poe can be very overwhelming for new players so If anyone is interested I can take 2-3 people under my wings to guide them and answer all the questions they might have. I play poe since 2013 and because I achieved everything I ever wanted in this game, my natural next step is helping others to become a better and more efficient players.

If you would like to get that kind of "tutoring" (It means we can talk and have fun on discord while playing poe) please write few words about yourself and what are your current struggles in poe. If there will be a lot of people interested I might consider making some kind of "Academy" guild for beginners and it's idea will be that after I educate some people, they will take their own students to help them and so on.

Cheers !

Edit: Because somebody asked about my achievements so far.

  1. I've multiple 95lvl + characters on ssf, ssf hc, hc and standard. I never pushed for level 100 because I never felt likt it, however I have the knowledge on how to do it effectively.

  2. I end up each league with over 500 ex and a headhunter

  3. I did all of content including deep delving, 100% delirium T19 maps, and a ton of carry services for uber elder, sirius 8 etc.

  4. I have enough crafting experience to make 100+ ex each league from it but as a side job. I could make way more but I prefer to do maps/bossing.

  5. I played and tested over 100 builds past 8 years

  6. I'm not a racer but I know how to push my atlas to 130-150 completion till sunday evening after league start.

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I'm not a guy who pushes to lvl 100 each league or goes for 40 challenges (I usually stop at 32-36) nor sits in hideout to create mirror tier items even If i could do all of it. I play to have fun and I don't force myself to do something I don't want to even If it made me look more "pro" – I don't care about it. I also think I have more than enough experience to teach not only beginners but also mid tier players.


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