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Anyone made The Traitor keystone work well? And general flask sustain discussion

Hello everyone. Having just re-discovered the 3.11-added keystone "The Traitor" granted by Brutal Restraint, I did a short bit of research and got to crunching some numbers to quickly see if making it work seems feasible. Coming back this league after not played much 3.10-3.12, I played Toxic Rain for the first time as a Deadeye. Since the new league is coming up shortly I've been weighing my options and was considering going TR Pathfinder this league instead for flask sustain reasons. My investigation into The Traitor is largely looking at if I can make it work on a Raider as an alternative to Pathfinder since my brain is constantly urging me to do slightly off-beat hipstery things in SSF. Also just ignoring the rarity of the jewel itself in that environment and considering its power level as this would be a later-game move anyways. Here's what I've landed on after a short while of looking into the numbers:

I'd take Primal Spirit, Druidic Rite, Arcane Chemistry, Profane Chemistry, and a flask duration cluster with Fasting + Distilled Perfection. I'm also assuming I would have a belt with 20% reduced flask charges used. In total, this leaves us with the following stats:

  • 60% increased flask charges gained
  • 30% reduced flask charges used
  • 46% increased flask effect duration
  • 26% increased effect of flasks
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The way that The Traitor works is by applying (4 * empty flask slots) flask charges split among your remaining flasks every 5 seconds. So if you're missing one flask, each of your four flasks will get a single charge every 5 seconds, if they have room. If any are full, the charges that would've gone to it are divided amongst the ones that are not full. This makes it kind of garbage, because Pathfinder is 3 charges to EVERY flask every 3 seconds.

Moving on though, my primary reason for thinking about this is in terms of bossing, of course. Primary concerned about survivability/resource sustain during boss fights. So, I've opted for mathing out the situation in which I have one hybrid flask (for Hardened Scars anointment) and one quartz flask.

The hybrid flask would have enduring, reducing its base duration to 3.5 seconds.

  • Uses 20 charges at base * 30% reduction = 14 charges used
  • Has a duration of 3.5 * 1.46 seconds = 5.1 seconds
  • 14 charges used every 5.1 seconds (with perfect timing) = ~2.75 charges used per second

Quartz flask would have Experimenter's for 30-40% increased duration, I'll assume 30% though.

  • Uses 30 charges at base * 30% reduction = 21 charges used
  • Has a duration of 6 * 1.46 = 8.7 seconds
  • 21 charges used every 8.7 seconds = ~2.42 charges used per second
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Then, with The Traitor, using only two flasks, plus our bonuses to flask charges gained, we're gaining 19.2 charges every 5 seconds split between our two flasks; 9.6 charges per flask every 5 seconds = 1.92 charges going to each flask per second. Of course that only comes in batches of 5 seconds, but that's an average. With a similar setup, Pathfinder is getting 1.8 charges per second on average, except to five flasks instead of two.

Honestly, it sounded a lot worse before I wrote it all out. Having ~80% uptime in the worst case means that it's likely fairly close to 100% in situations where you actually want to use flasks. It is still a bit optimistic given the difficulty of perfectly timing flask usage, but there are also other optimizations that could be made to make that more realistic.

One long ramble later, what are everyone's thoughts on this? Has anyone given The Traitor a serious shake? If so, how did it play out for you? And for the Pathfinder players, I've seen quite a few people say they end up hitching on flasks during boss fights. How often does this happen in your experience?


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