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Apart from all the bugs, Heist is mechanically the best addition ever for us non-hardcore mappers

Content of the article: "Apart from all the bugs, Heist is mechanically the best addition ever for us non-hardcore mappers"

Heist is the first alternative endgame system in PoE that does not depend directly on the mapping system, and it is making me play way more.

I love this game, I love theorycrafting and keeping up with all the teasers before the league start. I play a lot at the start until typically early red maps and totally enjoy it. But after the first 48 hours in the league, I regularly get bored of mapping. After an hour or so, putting a new map in feels like a chore. I still want to play the game, just not map. Up until this patch, you had the following alternatives:

  1. Master missions, which still are extremely dependant on mapping to get to do other content. The closest alternative is Delve, but if you run out of juice you are forced back to mapping to get more.
  2. Blighted maps, which imo are the only independent alternative to a mapping experience although still somewhat similar. And you can't sustain them at all, either you trade for them or its back to mapping.
  3. You can reroll, which is the thing I do most of the time. But I didn't really want to reroll, I just wanted to not map. This results in a string of lvl 50-60 characters that I never finish because it wasn't the right time. After too many fails in a row, I eventually get so bored that I stop playing at all.

Heist is the first mechanic that feels like a completely separate experience from mapping. They are connected to each other through drops, but between the vendor and drops in heists it's very easy to do contracts any time you want, no restrictions. And the experience feels complete: low intensity in low-level contracts, high intensity in blue prints, very rewarding, many ways of investment with gear and rolling contracts etc.

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Many times since league start I have gotten bored of mapping and could instantly go do some heists for a bit, and then get back to mapping when I got bored of that. They feel very different both visually and in pace/experience, thus complementing each other very well.

Of course it has been a very rocky league start with many bugs, but once they are solved, I think GGG has struck gold with this concept, and should consider investing more time to implement it as a full-fletched endgame system.

td;dr: only mapping -> bored, mapping + heist -> fun


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