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As a noob myself, I’m working on a guide that’s written for completely newbies

Content of the article: "As a noob myself, I’m working on a guide that’s written for completely newbies"

The idea started from a post I made yesterday:

So I am a new-ish player who tried to get into PoE multiple times over many years, only finally succeeded in getting to mapping recently. And I decided to try writing a beginner guide (you heard it right)

I have total respect to all the PoE guides and wikis on the internet. I think they are fantastic comparing to what you will find for other games. But there's one problem: they are not really tailored for average new players.

I reckoned there must be a reason I struggled to get into this game several times. Now that I finally got to the front door of the end game, I get it.

PoE is a marvelous game on paper, everything from the passive tree to currency system fascinated me. However I couldn't grasp the "fun" factor. Because getting though leveling and reaching end game is a real chore for new players.

Except I think it doesn't have to be a chore.

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I found that my frustrations didn't come from not having enough information, the community did great job writing up every topic imaginable, instead I failed through having too much information and not knowing what to focus on, losing sight of what's the core experience suppose to be.

Take a look at the build guides, they are a typical "it's fantastic and totally make sense if you already know what to look for" type of guides. For new players they are overwhelming.

So I stopped myself from doing "just one more map", and started a new character, followed a new guide. I want to utilise my fresh eye while I'm still a noob, to write a guide that would make sense to noobs like me.

My plan is to follow a journey as a new player from character creation to entry level mapping. Things will be gradually exposed to the player instead of handed in a full plate. This is to ensure whoever follows the guide gets the full experience of levelling into end game with as little pain, confusion or distraction as possible.

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Because I believe the "real" experience of PoE is seeing a well planned build come together and take your character to the god like power level.

There is a reason many say that once you finally reach PoE end game you will be hooked.

My aim is to help new player getting there smoothly without feeling overwhelmed or distracted. Instead of a guide that explains everything systematically, I want to simply point out what to do and not do at each step until end game.

I'm writing as I play the new character, the project is hosted at:

So far I've finished act 1. Any feedback and contributions are welcome. Anyone familiar with Git and Markdown please feel free to contribute directly through pull requests 🙂


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