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Ascendancy for Toxic Rain: Trickster, Deadeye or Pathfinder? ANSWERED! =D

I wanted to give an update two weeks later. I'm super super glad I rolled a ranger this league as by FAR the Deadeye is the BEST once you get your end game bow (T1 attack speed, dot multi, chaos multi, +1 gems, +2 support gems.)

I'm super glad I started out pathfinder – I ended up doing pathfinder toxic rain mines. It carried me to red maps until I could farm up enough exalts to craft the end game bow. I tried switching to Deadeye early but you really need attack speed for Deadeye and mirage archer to be effective.

Crafting the bow is super easy – no need to spend 27 exalts on the ones listed in trade. Simply buy a ilvl 86 6L thicket bow from trade, a beast split base (be aware of people who fracture or enchant the bow – you NEED to dupe it.) Should be 50-60 chaos now. Now, split the base (50c for the beast). With your copy – zeal spam until you have 3 full suffixes. Divine until Zeal is 18% (1 divine – mod is 17-18) Now buy fracture suffix from TFT for 30 chaos. Within 3 attempts you'll likely have a T1 fractured zeal speed mod of 18%. Spent 3 exalts at this point.

Now chaos spam until you have T1 dot multi – you should hit it within 150 chaos according to Hopefully no third suffix. Scour prefixes (2 ex) or harvest remove mods from TFT (most go for an ex each).

Now you have a clean bow with fractured zeal, T1 dot multi, time to craft "cannot roll attack mods" for 1 ex. Now ex slam – guaranteed +1 gems.

Now craft multiple crafted mods (2 ex), +2 to support gems(2 ex), +36-40% chaos damage over time mod.

Total cost: 12 ex.

Once I had my bow I switched back to Deadeye and I'm really really loving it. The mirage archers that spawn have a green ring – go outside the ring you can summon a next one. The ring is slightly smaller than dash's radius! With a 20/20 dash I dash just outside the ring and can summon the next mirage archer. I dash in a triangle until all 3 are summoned. Pretty much zero downtime DPS once you learn the pattern!

I then just spam arrows until the next mirage archer disappears then repeat the pattern – not really likely as with all the duration passives mirage archer lasts for 13 seconds. =D

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It is incredible in blight. With the end game bow one mirage archer can hold down a lane really well. It's just amazing in blight.

Deadeye is limited in tight quarters like toxic sewers/etc. You're unlikely to get multiple mirage archers out except in the boss room.

Mirage archers do shoot different packs so they are ISANE for AOE too. On bosses the mirage archers focus on the boss. Best of both worlds. =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

So now having played every single TR ascendency, this is my weightings:

Starter: Pathfinder > Trickster = Deadeye > Raider

12+ Ex Budget (end game bow + full set of cluster jewels):

Deadeye >>> Pathfinder >= Trickster > Raider.

Delve: Deadeye(insane aoe clearing) >>> Raider(perma phasing) > Pathfinder >= Trickster.

I don't miss patient reaper at all from Trickster. Mana wise it's easy to make up with soul siphon – 10 mana gain on kill (optional – costs 2 points, depends on if you want a clarity WE or not). I'm making up 2% life on kill with 2 brush with death clusters. Sure I lose out on some duration from trickster and lose out on ghost shrouds but 30% less damage taken that gets refilled instantly with insane attack speed on Deadeye is certainly very nice – linked with CDWT immortal call + a 23 second vaal grace all on increased duration support with wind dancer, endurance charges, and harden scars (not as ideal as PF but my hybrid flask is up quite often from killing stuff anyways.)

I revised my tree for Deadeye and once I have best in slot gear from the item editor that's harvest, it'll be 66.9m DPS (burst-all flasks-all buffs) according to the spreadsheet with 3 mirage archers out, 5k life, 700 es (5.7k total health), 89% chance to not be hit, 83% physical damage mitigation, and 94% elemental damage mitigation, giving a final EHP of 280k phys, 506k elemental, 50k max phys hit taken, 92k max elemental hit taken, with 7.65 attacks per second WITHOUT quill rain, and with 30 – yes – 30 aoe radius on DEADEYE.

Trickster only gets 28m dps burst(flasks all-buffs up). Deadeye even with no buffs/no flasks still is 31.5m dps with all 3 mirage archers out.

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I achieve this by taking chainbreaker with 2 essence mana regen rings (required otherwise you won't ever sustain rage – really hurtful with TR's double hit penalty of initial arrows + explosions), and a berserk that lasts 15 seconds. πŸ˜€ Getting tons of attack speed on rage, berserk, etc. which is multiplied by tailwind.

I use enduring cry for health regen and maintaining endurance charges. Helps out the healing with the hybrid flask and helps out if you decide to use blood rage (optional.)

Notes on tree: It's mandatory to take the resist nodes leading up to the thread of hope and I take cold and lightning resists on ALL my cluster jewels. 2 Mediums need to be 84+, 2 can be 68+. Unwavering evil is mandatory so you can DPS through stuns. I like hinder on hit as it's hard to get totems out all the time. I feel You'll need one item that has T2 or better cold and lightning resist suffixes, and 3 suffixes that is T2+ for fire resist. If you get all T1 resists in clusters then you only need to hit T3 or better resist on cold/lightning, but it'd be really hard to roll 84 unwavering evil by yourself. Brush with death is easy – augment life hits it 50/50.

50 rage regenerates over 5 seconds. Berserk lasts for 15 seconds, so 15/20 – 75% berserk uptime. Rage sustains with the hit and attack speed.

Also 100% elemental ailment avoid when elusive is up.

Soul Ripper isn't usually found on a TR build but I love mine – You want as close to 100 charges but at or over 100 to refill both vaal grace and haste. After Vaal Haste and Vaal Grace's 30s soul gain prevention runs out it's an instant refill. Vaal Grace is amazing for defenses with long uptime (20.64s/30s soul gain = 68.8% uptime). If you play with standard I run with legacy Soul Ripper and a 50 charge soul ripper over dying sun (50 charges as I tend to be at half souls when a 50 charge flask is full.)

Don't bother using a Soul Catcher as the 40% reduced soul gain duration stacks with your increased duration so it turns 30s soul gain prevention to 25s – it feels really bad. It really should be a less multiplier instead of subtractive. I've found Dying Sun + Soul Ripper or Legacy Soul Ripper + New Soul Ripper to be ideal.

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πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


66.9m dps Toxic Rain Deadeye
259k-286k phys EHP 466k-506k elemental EHP
47k-52k phys max-hit 86k-93k elemental max-hit

EHP Values vary between a level 3 and a level 16 immortal call depending on your decision for how much damage taken for Cast when Damage Taken is triggered. I suggest with running with both and pick which "feels" better for your play style. My guess is probably better to go with higher uptime so lower ehp numbers. The PoB has it maxed. I'll probably run level 1/level 3.

End game – THEORYCRAFTED with PERFECT GEAR – PoB, TESTED on Standard where I have near BIS gear from Harvest league for Toxic Rain (using 2 mod WE, 3 mod with clarity is mirror tier, clarity WE imo is required for deadeye):


Spreadsheet with all buffs up & 3 mirage archers:

66.9m dps

Spreadsheet with no buffs (no berserk), no flasks & 3 mirage archers:

31.5m dps

I feel it's going to be insane in 100% delirious maps this league. Happy Toxic Rain playing!


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