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Ascendancy Trials Need To Spawn Based On Missing Trials – Sincerely SSF Players

Content of the article: "Ascendancy Trials Need To Spawn Based On Missing Trials – Sincerely SSF Players"

Dear GGG,

Labyrinth has been out for almost 5 years now. It is one of the most fundamental power progressions a character can have. Currently in trade leagues, you have the ability to join channels like Global 820 to help each other find their trials. I think this is kind of an interesting communal activity to help each other achieve their ascensions.

However, the experience in SSF is vastly different. I play primarily SSF, and I enjoy nearly all aspect of the experience, with the major exception of the dreaded RNG based ascendancy trials.

For example, in my last league I was able to play Heist for about 2-3 weeks, played 6-8 hours a day mapping extensively. I actually stopped playing the Heist mechanic, early because I was unable to find my last ascendancy trial. I switched to only mapping for the last week that I played Heist in an attempt to see if I could get my final trial. 4 characters in and several of them level 90, after 3 weeks of playing I was unable to find my last trial. I decided to then take a break from the league. I have been slightly luckier in previous leagues in SSF finding them within the first week or two, but it seems unnecessary to have them spawn with a completely randomized spawn system. I lost count but I think at one point I had around 10 trials that were the exact same in a row, and not the one that I didn't need.

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The new expansion and league looks absolutely amazing! It would mean the world to us SSF players (and perhaps players in general) if there could be 1 change to the current Ascendancy system that would make it so the game spawns the trials you are missing first until you get the 6 you need. After this it could go back to spawning randomly. I am not asking to change the spawn rate necessarily, just the aforementioned system.

– Sincerely

SSF Players


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