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AsmodeusClips Summoner League Start Comprehension

Hello all!

I am a couple leagues in and, as most people be, I am trying to learn a lot. I am really wanting to try this build. I have all the gems, and gear (besides cluster jewels) bought and lined up for my new character screen. I partially want to try this because he said its complicated and not new player friendly so its making me want to take the dive to try and learn how it works and it would also be my first summoner build. His PoB has his gear listed, kinda crazy looking to a newer player like me so I am trying to make sure I have it straight. So with that I have a couple questions for those who don't mind helping.

1: Does a build like this have a skill rotation? Most of what i've played, like bfbb, vortex occultist, clydeheart cold spellinger, i Imagine some kind of rotation. Does that apply as well to summoner builds like this? Or do you just kinda summon your goons and call it a day? With the abilities and stuff he has set up, and especially with them not being linked except for a couple exceptions, and having a bossing set up and clearing set up, I am struggling a bit to grasp whats all really happening. Like how does the enzomyte staff really enable all this? And how do i use the 2 set ups appropriately.

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2: He looks to have 2 of the enzomyte staffs. One for clearing and one for bossing – (Which a 6 socket 4 B 2 G are pretty damn expensive now) , but I've never had to play with switching my weapon like that. When switching a weapon, do I have to cast all my minions and stuff again? How does this affect the flow of the game? Or is it easier than I think it is. Is 2 enzomyte staff necessary or is that just getting a little fancy with the spices per se.

3: people in his comments were asking what spectres he had. Is this like a choice that is made? How do you rock specific specters? He apparently had some specifically from act 7. So do I need to have those specifically?

4: He did a good explanation of how arcanist brand is and how order really matters. But he mentioned in the clip, that he has to take arcanist brand out before bossing to cast a spell a few times before putting it back in. Is that common also for a summoner build? A lot of these things seem to have small nuances I have never encountered before for non minion builds.

5: When it comes to EE on his passive tree and how that ties into the gloves cold conversion and the flame avatar passive. I have heard EE can be tricky to learn about. How does this work with minion builds?

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Thank you to anyone reading this rant and these probably very loaded questions. Appreciate your time and AsmodeusClips, thank you for the content and giving me some thought provoking questions.


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