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Ban for using Awakened PoE Trade

First of all i have never used reddit before and i'm not very good in english, so i'm sorry for further mistakes.

So I will start. Yeah as the title said GGG banned me in poe , but to be fair i don't know exactly why. All i know is what written on the site .

Reason: "Third Party Software"

But the only program that can do something with poe was Awakened PoE Trade. The last league i were playing was blight. I wanted to do 40 achievements, but was too lazy and made only 39. So why i even remember this is that the only difference in programs i used then and now is Awakened PoE Trade. I don't remember what program i used then but i think it was called just PoE trade macro or something like this.

I heard that all people use trade macro and GGG approved that it's okay to use them. The only functions that i were using were Ctrl+D to fast price check and more often Ctrl+Alt+D to check prices more accurately and get the link to poe trade.

I already wrote GGG on their email, but they just give me link to my pm on official site with their support as receiver. So i repeat my problem there. The only thing that they told me was

your account has been permanently banned for breaching our Terms of Use (

And that they can't release evidence in these situations (they told me it for about 5 or 6 times). But they don't say ANY word about me using Third Party Software. Now I don't think people in support even have the correct information about my ban. So i don't know what to do now.

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Maybe someone of you can help me or answer me why could this happen.

Little bit more information:

At the moment when i got ban i were in game, but i were in alt+tab. I were sleepy so i just stayed only to trade.

The list of ALL programs that were launched at this moment:

  • Opera (My browser)
  • Steam
  • Wallpaper Engine (i bought it in steam, this program use to have animated wallpaper or so do i)
  • Windows Defender ( I think it's a standard antivirus or something like this)
  • Lightshot (Program that makes Print Screen more accurate and comfortable tool)
  • And I DON'T 100% sure but maybe BlueStacks was on. (It's a mobile emulator i used it when i want to chill a little bit and play Arknights, but i have a bad phone so… I think for some reason that it maybe cause of it, because it's the second program that i did't use in blight league)

I am very upset with this situation, because i don't even know exactly why i get banned, and want to say be careful with using Awakened PoE Trade or BlueStacks? Good luck you all.


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